A charming rogue

How a simple dice roll can change the whole story


Hi again, my name is GB10 and as I've mentioned before I play a character named Melech who is a tiefling rogue in a party with a dragonborn paladin and a forest gnome ranger.This time our adventure begins in the cold mountains of Frosty Islands. We have been traveling around 3 days with a mountain tribe that asked for our paladins help, since he is known almost to everyone. This tribe explores the mountais and give fellow villages resources from their trips. As the night comes the dm says the is a storm coming. The leader od the tribe says there is a castle nearby where we can spend the night, becahse he know the queen. As we enter the castle their queen comes to welcome us with a big smile. We have dinner and before we go get some rest she tells us to watch out for traitors. The whole party desides to take a long rest except me. I want to take a walk in the castle, see if there's anything interesting. Luckily, after a while the dm tells me there is a shady lady looking at me. I approach her. She shows me her axe, grabs a mouse that is walnkig near her and touches it with the axe. Instant freeze. The lady can see the amazement on my fase and asks me to follow her. I do. Before I know it, I'm getting kidnapped. I wake up in a small tent with that lady. She tells me she is the leader of a bandit camp tha wants to take down the castle because they kill too many animals, and thats what they live with. With my passive perception I notice guards and war ligs everywhere. The dm waits my move and my party thinks we're dead. The lady tells me she wants me to organize an attack sith my friedns from the inside while they attack from outside. I say I roll for deduction. The dm is speechless. The party says YOU'RE WHAT? I say again, I roll for deduction. The dm allows it. It is a natural 19 and the dm awaits my roleplay. I grt the hair out of her face and tell her that it doesn't have to end with a war. I will change the queens mind and you'll both get what you want. Dm says she immediately falls for me. She asks me to sleep with her and we'll go to the castle first thing in the morning. Morning comes. Dm says I wake up next to that hot half naked woman who seems exhausted. I smile as I understand it was a night full of pleasure. We get up and get ready to go to the castle. She says we are going to ride her war pigs. I roll for dexterity. The party is confused but my dm is happy I did. He says you jump on that war pig with such finesse that the bandit leader is completely charmed by me, on top of having a great night with me. We arrive at the castle and the queen waits for us at the gate with her whole army ready for battle. She noticed I was missing. As we come near she screams TRAITOR. Our paladin steps in front and says let him speak. I've been traveling with this rogue for a while. Sometimes he might be a little bit of a pain in the ass but he always does something good in the end. I thank the paladin grab the bandit leader by the hand and walk with her to the queen. I let her know that all this tribe wants is peace. Dm says I dont even have to roll for that. Queen agrees and the bandit tribe joins the castle. Next moring we have to leave and continue our journey. The bandit lady comes to me. She says her name is Seju and that she realy likes me. I tried to speak but the dm stopped me. She hands out a whip and asks me to touch it. My hand freezes. She then wears a necklace on my neck and my hand immediately unfreezes. She blinks and tells me thats her gift. I tell the dm I run my tail arkund her and bring her close to me. I whisper in her ear that I'll be back for her and then I join my friends so we can leave the city. As we leave the dm says everyone is waving goodbye and saying thank you while Seju is blushing and the snow under her feet has melted, she must of truly been turned on. After the sessuon the dm said he was amazed with what I did for such a new player. He never expected such a twist. He had npc's ready for battle and all but he let my way play out because he loved my desisions under pressure.


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