A Dead King’s Last Wish


Hello, this is a story from one of my campaigns that I had made along side my brothers and my friend. I'm an amateur DM so a lot of things are still a little rocky and my bothers, my friend, and I play 5e DnD. The story starts as such: My friend and brothers, whose party consisted of one Half-Elf more specifically a Half-Wood Elf wizard named Gheleon, a Goblin rogue named Zarthis, a Half-Orc war cleric named Cohr, and an npc Dragonborn Paladin of Buhamat named Thraxus walked into a dungeon after being asked by the port town mayor to hunt a drake that was attacking the town. They tracked the drake to the dungeon and followed it inside. After solving a few puzzles and saying farewell to an npc they couldn't save from a vampire, they had cornered the drake. The party rolled initiative, Gheleon rolled an 18, Cohr rolled a 10 and Thraxus rolled a 5 and Zarthis rolled a nat 1. The drake had rolled a nat 1 though it went before Zarthis. Many rounds later due to bad rolls on all fronts the party kills the drake and takes it's hide and claws. That fight ends the session. During our next session Gheleon enters a room where a decrepit throne sat against the far wall. Gherkin curiously and cautiously looked around as the rest of the party stepped in. Zarthis had touched elvish scribbling that then lit up like a fireball spell. After the word's had stopped glowing a figure had appeared on the throne. This was the dungeon boss a wood elf revenant who only wanted to be reunited with his fallen kingdom. Gheleon had offered the revenant to talk. This talk is solely for lore purposes, I love to flesh out the stories of my campaigns and the fact my players are open to it great. The talk ends with the revenant asking this question "Will you brave adventurers grant me one wish, will you send my spirit to the afterlife and bury my crown deep in woods of my home?" The party agreed and in an epic battle with a great king, the party had defeated the revenant, grabbed his crown and buried in the woods of the revevant's home two sessions later. That is the story of how a dead king's wish was granted by a group of awesome adventurers.


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