A dungeon master’s confession chapter 1 by Tony Bruney

A DM with little to no experience tells his confessions,dm sins,and stories.

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hi,to those who see this,my name is Tony. I have come forward to tell my story,my sins,and my wins as a DM.lets dive right into the origins of me being a forever DM.

As a player on tabletop games, it was said that my way of playing tabletop games was so creative that the dm at the time had suggested that I should be a DM. I was not entirely sold on the idea,but after a monk i made never really seeing the spotlight,and a character and his npc allies being killed in a different tabletop game, i decided to put my writing skills on the line. i wasn't a mat mercer, but i sure was going to try.the game setting i had in mind was a war campaign, with a guild as a headquarters the party can return to. i also decided to cater to the player's background story, making their first session to where they experience their background story from my point of view.it started slow due to trying to recruit online with what little online resources i can gather.but my first mistake was being thrilled to bring in several players. i was crazy enough to run a session with 30 players.as a result, some of the players got bored and left until I had a group of about twelve players.i confess that excitement got the better of my judgement on that.i regret not being able to see all their characters in a grand army.to honor those who left i turned them into cameos to aid the party. however,those who stayed behind took on their first mission. a group of lizard folk had fled their homes and set up a camp to call home. after doing some digging they discovered that the reason why they were hostile tward the guild was due to the son of a cheiftain being kidnapped by bandits. although the players had a good time,i was unknowingly inviting my first problem player to play. (more on him another time.) the party used a hilarious way to get the attention of the bandits,and while two of the players,a wind genasi named sahlah,(the one guy who stayed around since I started the campaign)and a dragon born who was a retired mercenary seeking out one final bit of glory,had decided to get into the bandit stash of ale, getting obnoxious and drunk in the process of yelling how bad the ale tasted. this was my first ever player to dm antic,and I cherish that memory with a smile.aftter the party was successful, i rewarded them with the lizard folk being an ally in combat for an upcoming mission. how it plays out,ill tell in the future. but for now,i can only hope that this story goes public,so I can share my stories more. a big thank you for those who have time to see this. best regards, tony"grizzly dm " bruney.


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