A Single Sentence Ended a Problem Player

This story is about a quiet girl stunned our group that silenced a drunk problem player.

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So this story starts with my friend Dan (Name Obviously changed.) I use friend loosely as he was a coworker who played D&D and at the time, I was desperate to run some games so he got in the game on those merits. The issue was Dan was an alcoholic and would start drinking from the time he woke up to the time he fell asleep. He was also 30 trying to hangout with college age people since those were his glory days and he didn't want them to fade. 

So when I told him I was looking for a group to play, he said he could get some people. Our group ended up being Dan, my brother Richard, Ford who was another co-worker and his girlfriend, Megan. The story was something I had pulled from a idea from years before, a prison plane where the worst of the worst from the multiverse would be thrown into with no way out. Our group could be Innocent people thrown in or actually evil deserving of the punishment, didn't matter. My brother made a dwarf fighter, Ford made a half-elf ranger, Megan made an high elf thief who stole spells and magical artifacts, and Dan made a human paladin who hated elves… And he let everyone know that he hated them when they woke up, without weapons gears in a broken prison cell. Dan was drunk but I didn't realize how drunk until after characer creation and we got playing. He first started by threatening the two elvish characers, including how he wouldmurdered and do other horrible things to them if giving the chance. I told him to cool it down and he complained but he stopped long enough for the first fight, against cannibal prisoners looking for a meal. The group survived and after a few fights, things seemed well. Then they rested the first time. Dan tried to murder Megan's characer but was stopped by Ford and Richard, who were taking watch at the time. Later, when the group found a wagon being used by a merchant for the Black Market within this prison realm, Megan almost died because Dan let a wild wolf slip by him and maul her. But Megan soon got her revenge. In one area of the prison, they came across a dark elf gang who controlled a block. The party got surrounded by the gang and they trained arrows on them. The dark elves asked in elven what they were doing there and we learned that Dan was the only one who couldn't speak Elven. The party started arguing with each other about what to do, each talking above each other except Megan who sat quietly thinking. Suddenly, she spoke up and said "In Elven, I tell them that Dan is an elf killer who tried to kill me." 

The room when dead. Dan's jaw dropped. Everyone looked at her in shock. I smiled and turned to Dan. "You don't know what was just said but suddenly every dark elf bow points to you. You don't even get the chance to speak before you are lit up with arrows. Before your body hits the ground, you look less human and more pin cushion. You've died." No roll needed as he was just fired on by over a dozen arrows. Dan just sits back and looks at Megan. "I… I guess I'll reroll then…"

The session ended there and Megan and Ford told me they didn't wish to play with Dan anymore, which I understood. I never ran another game with Dan, despite him asking for me to over the years. I wish I could say Dan has matured over the years but he hasn't as he heads closer to his 40s and still drinks like a fish. But I still like to tease him about his poor characer becoming a porcupine because of his mouth whenever he wants to play.


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