A Sorcerer, Barbarian, and a Rouge walk into a bar

I was dm'ing my three friends, I'll call the barbarian Con, the sorcerer Ken, and the rouge Kol.


This all took place in one seven-hour session. The party one day decided to rob a cart escorted by a royal guard unit and discovered a highly addictive drug under some fine sheets in a small wooden box with a letter on one of the guards. Kol took the letter and read it out loud, it stated that this psychedelic drug was for the prince of this kingdom. They decide to deliver it, but along the way, they realize that it wouldn’t be very smart to straight-up tell the king that you killed his men and know of his son’s secret addiction so they decide to assassinate the prince, to this day I don’t know how they came to that conclusion, but they did. They stroll up to the capital and talk a soldier into telling them where the prince’s room is. Ken and Con decide to distract the king through silly antics in his throne room. Meanwhile, Kol climbs up a guard tower, kills a guard, tight ropes into the prince’s room, and then kills him, because he’s messed up on the drug. They then run down to the ocean, hop on a boat, and fight a Kraken. They appear on an island and are about to kill a dragon but they decide to rest in a small bar. Con picks a fight, killing two halflings, and Kol has to pull him back with a make-shift Hookshot. Con picks a fight with more of them who later leave and Kol buys the bar from a horrified bar owner, meanwhile, Ken sits in the corner drinking beer.  They then pin down a dragon via a large enchanted hammer only liftable by the person it’s tuned to, ending the one-shot.


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