A story only I and our DM new the ending too

This story is the last session of one of my characters. I really enjoyed it was an ending he deserved. But i waited about a year to tell everyone what happened.

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This was an 3.5 campaign. The setting was a steam punk style japan. It was really interesting and a pretty cool world. The DM told us the setting was the land was in a constant state of war. Lords were waring with each other as well as fighting the beasts that wander the land they were looking for able body fighters and soldiers. 

 I made a Ranger and I was a wanderer and alought fearful of friendships I wanted companions. Other then me our party had 2 fighters, 1 illusionist(wizard) 1 arcane fire mage, and a warlock. Soooo no healers
My backstory was I had lost my best friend in a hunting accident, so i really was afraid of losing the people I got connected with. But eventually the female halfling illusionist Jessie kept poking and proding me. That caused us to become friends and get closer then i had expected to.

So the story starts with us all meeting a road where these bandits had been causeing problems. We all decided to work togeather and deal with them. A basic starter adventure for the vets out there.  But afterwords we were invited to meet with the lord but funny enough we all refused. Not one of our characters were interested in fame or glory. We just went around helping the poor villages. The ones the lord were to busy to help apparently. Our party were slowly  becoming heros to all the peasents  of these waring lands, but we refuesed to to meet with everylord that sent use a request. Our group decide our freedom was more valuable then the fame and fortune that came with swearing to a lord. But i guesss this was a issue and the lords were not happy with our actions but The lords of each terratory would still constantly send emisarys asking us to swear allegence, But we always said no.
Finally we got a letter, that as long as we are in these lands we either swear our alligence or we are considered criminals. We got similair warnings from all of the lords. So we went into hiding.  
We noticed  that we couldn’t stay in town very long or we would have soldiers, militia, or hired mercenarys after us. Finally we got tired of running and planned an ambush and killed and eintire mercany group hunting us. We tried to hide our tracks but rolled like shit.
 Well…. that did not end well. We were wonding the southern side of the map and the DM had been dropping suddle hints we were being followed. But we were rolling bad and didn’t notice it.  We then were making our way to a mountain range, our party got info from a wandering bard  that a bunch of miners need help with some beasts making nests in the mine. So we decide it would be a good way to make some extra coin and gain some favor with town folk if we needed to hide since we had made alot of enemies in the lands we traveled.

So we approch the town, speak with the miners, and start doing the job. The DM asks us to make some checks. The Wizard roles high enough to notice these creatures, are not cave dwelling creatures. Forest trolls in mountain caves was odd. I followed their tracks to cages in one of the caverns of the mine. We started to relise we were set up. Our halfling went back to the front of the mine and saw a small militia of mercenarys and soldiers. Our DM said there were to many to count. She tried to sneak back to us but ended rolling a natural 1. This cause her to knock over some random mining tools. The mercanry heard it and saw Jessie.

The chase began. We ran through the mine, rolling random direction dice, hoping no dead ends or turn arounds. Then the DM says it. You have been running for a few minutes. Roll to see if you are tired. Myself and the warlock were the only one who passed. We kept running and eventually I thought to myself… We are not ment to survive this. So I slide my DM a card.
It says “I sneak away from the party and head back”. I rolled and got high enough so they did not notice. 10 rounds of running and Jessie askes how Im doing, why am I so quite. Then the DM leans in and says cause he is not there. They all look at me and go what are you doing. They are then all told to leave the table. So they go outside and the door is closed and locked.

My Character goes back about 2 chambers and tips over a mine cart. He knocks and arrow and waits. The mercenarys come running through the chamber and I start unleashing arrows. I guess the DM didnt plan for this so he just gave them 5 HP. I drop the first 3 no problem. I then ran down a different chamber.  The DM told me they are following you. I turn and fire 2 more arrows dropping  1 more mercanry. Then I roll it… On his random mine chart……..
DEAD END.  The DM tells me I turn the corner and run up a slight incline but at the top was an empty chamber with no exit. My only way out was the way I came in.
So I turned, brased myself and started launching arrows. This fight took about an hour, Used up every arrow I had and eneded up in melee with my short sword. Then I hear it sorry dude you get criticaled. We had a our own home brew critical system. So i got hit for double damage but I was now taking bleeding damage of 4 points a round.

I made a last ditch effort to run, the DM asked me to roll and see if I remebered the way… I failed it so we had to go back to the chart.  I ended up hiding and losing the mercenarys but I was still lost and losing 4 hp a round, I had no healing , I had no way of fixing it. So instead I told the DM I sit down in the corner of the chamber and being to go through my gear. I find a note in my bag that Jessies character had given on our 3rd adventure.
It said, thanks for saving me. You are my best friend. So I wrote in my own blood I love you too. I then told the DM  “My character folds the note and puts it in bag. ” Then passes with a smile on his face and blood dripping from his mouth.
I asked my DM as a player, if this means the others got away. He said yes, my distraction was enough for them to escape.
He then tells me that my god Cernunnos comes to me in my final moments and escorts my spirit to the fey wild.
I got up from the table took the character sheet with me and went into the living room and began to make a new one. The DM called everyone in and the first thing they asked is what happened. But I knore the DM said anything. We kept it a secret, they wanted to go back but the DM said you can still hear Mercenarys in the caves. Then the figher said We need to go. If he is buying us time, he is crafty, once he is done he will catch up. A few ingame days later after laying low, they tried to go back in the cave and find me , but they never did. For 6 months they asked me what happened? Is your old ranger still alive? Where you board and wanted an new guy… But I never told them. Eventually they forgot but I thought it was cool. An ending only I and the DM know about. 

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