Aarakocra monk

How I went solo into a hard encounter area for the party to steal a sword and made it out.

  1. so I am playing as an Aarakocra monk named Kirrik. and were level 2 or 3. In this setting Aarakocra are very almodt extinct in general and except for Kirrik and 1 other aarakocra there were none on the primaterial plane. thst said. most people had never seen one. Kenkus were also a rare sight. Kirrik was raised for a bit by monks where everything was owned by the community and not individually. So he believes that everything belings to everyone. Hungry and see a goat in a pasture? he would eat it. shiny jewelry? he would steal it. He sees himself as a good person, others not so much sinse their opinions differ on certain things. So Kirrik got an amulet thet when worn showed a strange light coming from a certain place inside a neigbouring city. when the party entered the city, the party wanted to go straight to an academy we were hoping to enroll in. Kirrik however took off and followed the light. It led him to a heavily guarded museum with a glass dome on top of it. Kirrik landed and looked inside. People were busy setting things up for an auction. Most things in the room did not really cstch his eye. except for a very shiny magical sword where the light seemed to emanate from. Kirrik knocked on the glass dome. The people inside saw him and started to freak out when they saw this eagle-man and they called the guards. Kirrik flew down and entered the building through the now open entrance. the DM asked me what I was planning to do and I told him I wanted to steal the sword. “Are you sure about that? this would be a hard encounter for the entire party. If you go in you will die” to which I responded that I wanted to try. So Kirrik went inside and played as if he was a dumb eagle-man creature and just casually walked up to the magic sword. The guards tried to shoo him away. But drew their weapons in shock when I spoke to them about not being a dumb bird. Kirrik took the sword and initiative was rolled. Kirrik was 5 feet tall and with that had full cover behind the 5 feet wooden display. now instead of all the guards attackingm only 2 could. They shot with their crossbows and did manage to hit Kirrik a few times. But 1 bolt he managed to catch. “where are you going to throw it?” The DM asked. “UP” I said. “Okay the bolt pierces the glass dome but it is still up. now it’s your turn” I said I wanted to crash through the window. “roll a strength check. but only a nat 20 would…” I rolled a nat 20 and escaped. 



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