Accidental Godhood of our Druid

My druid wild magic sorcerer turns himself into a god by speaking and making it true.


Hi there, this is a story of how wild magic can dramatically affect the pace of a game in ways unforeseen by even the most imaginative player.

So I've been DMing this group for a while when my player asked if he could run a few sessions in a one shot. I thought this was a great idea as it's been a while since I've been able to be a player character in DnD.

Cut to about 4 of his sessions later. To make things easy on everyone else they are playing the same characters from my campaign but the new DM has given us some elements to add to the flavour. I am playing a bronze dragonborn shadow sorcerer, theres a half orc paladin, and half elven ranger and a water genasi druid. My character has to roll a narcolepsy check every so often or I fall asleep, another character rolls to see if he falls over and our druid (the star of this show) has to roll on a wild magic table that our new DM has found.

So we've been making our way through a water temple fighting off devotees of Dagon and other watery gods after one of our characters was almost assasinated by a follower of one. It's a rule of cool game with lots of fun and comedic elements to this campaign which is keeping us all laughing.

We have made our way past several areas with elaborate traps and puzzles all the while fighting servants of this temple, giant crocodiles and our new DM's attempts to trick us with fake corridors and clues. Our druid player is arguably the most creative player in the group who always tries to find ways around the fight or instance we find ourselves in. Sometimes to their detriment.

Anyway to cut this a bit short. 

We manage to make our way through the temple and are accosting the main temple priest when the DM asks the druid to roll a wild magic check. The druid rolls a D20 and rolls low enough to have to make a D100 check after. The druid player rolls a D100 and the DM looks online for the effects of Wild Magic. We all wait eagerly to see what sort of chaos this might cause. The DM then shrugs and says 'Hmm okay nothing happens'

The the world collapses in on itself. As the DM finishes saying this the druid player says in character to the priests. 'You should believe me because I am a God going through puberty and I may decide to strike you down at any time'

At this the DM literally looks shocked, holds his head in his hands in shock. We all wait for a minute as the DM begins to laugh into his hands. We all look at each other whilst this is happening and wonder aloud at whats gone on.

Eventually the DM collects himself and tells us that based on the wild magic roll the next thing the druid was going to say was due to become true. So we all collapse into fits of laughter as we realise that the druid player and DM are both looking at each other in shock.

Needless to say we spent the next 20 – 30 minutes trying to research what happens when a player turns into a god. The rest of the DM's session is broken up by the druid player. Now God. Interjecting with new cool things that his character can do. Including turning himself into a giant octopus at will to slither around the map. This is probably the most ridiculous things thats ever happened to me in DnD.

Needless to say every encounter after this is a cake walk as the God character stomps on every enemy in his path with ridiculous abilities.


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