Amena the blind druid

This is the story of Amena the blind druid drow. We were prison escapies but turns out Amena was the only real guilty one.


Amena is from a forest in my story known as Úttgarður og outgard in english. Amena didn‘t grow up with any parents rather she was „raised“ by the dryads that lived in the forest and they tought her the ways of a druid and as she grew older she was granted the title of guardian of outgard, which was a very honoroble title for her to get. Amena decided to spend some years in a cave that is located in the center of the forest, the cave it self is a very sacred place and in it she learned about the different gods and goddesses, the dryads took the time to write down the drow gods as well just for her. A hundred years pass and Amena leaves the cave and calls for the dryads but gets no answer from them so she starts walking around the forest looking for the dryads but she never finds them, she notices a big chunk of the forest isn‘t there anymore and she decides to investigate this by talking to the trees and animals in the area and they all say that a big group of men came and cut down the trees. Amena tries to find where these men are but since she swore not to leave the forest she can‘t go and find them and gives up on her search. One day she walks around tending to the forest and sees a man walking around the forest and asks him if he is lost and he simply replies no im just checking this forest out. Amena was kind of confused by what the man meant by that but after a few days she sees the same man back again but this time he has 30-40 other men with him, she is happy to see them and have company and she approached the men but before she was able to reach them one of them started cutting down a tree, specificly a holy tree to the forest she gasped at the horrors she was seeing and the man from before heard her gasp and smiled and waved at her. Amena didn‘t know what to do since she didn‘t want to hurt anyone so she decided to talk to them and ask them to stop but the men simply ignored her until one of them said „wait thats a drow i hear they are rare, i bet she is worth a lot of money just like those dryads we toke a while ago“. The men then attempted to grab Amena but she protected herself and hurt one of the men and thats when they all took up swords and Amena realized that she had to do something so she cast spells to entangle them and used vines to hold them and use thorn whips to deal some damage and hoped for them to run but instead of runing they did the worst thing they could have done and made torches and started throwing them and eventually started a fire in the forest, Amena was so shocked that she stopped consentrating her spells and simply froze in place. One of the men came close to her and was going to snatch her up but as soon as he came close enough Amena let out a terrifying yell and her nails grew longer and sharpers and her teeth turned to fangs and she leaped at the man closest to her and tore him to peaces the other men were shocked and rushed towards her no longer trying to capture her now they are simply trying to take her down but she leaped from man to man killing them easily until only a handful remained. Amena noticed the man she saw 1st in the forest and blammed him for everything and rushed towards him but they expected her to do that as her movements have become easy to read and as soon as she came close she saw a sword swing and jumped back but she wasnt fast enough and got a slash right in her left eye, she fell on the ground and let out a horrible scream of pain and as she did the man walked towards her and whispered that he was going to burn the entire forest and make her watch, and so they did. The men tied her to a tree and made her watch as they destroyed her home and then they simply left laughing, Amena decided now to get her revenge even tho she knows thats not what the dryads would have wanted but she tracked down the man and noticed he had a family, she found them and took them hostige at theyre home and waited for the man to come home. The man came home and noticed a mysterious woman sitting in his couch and asked her „who are you and why are you in my home? Where is my family?“. You don‘t remember me? Replied Amena and at that moment the man went white as he had just seen a ghost „what are you doing here?“ said the man, „Well its simple i just wanted to say hi, oh and as for you‘r family well i thought it would only be fair to get rid of them like you got rid of mine and then make you watch it“. Amena took out his family and lit them on fire, the man screamed horrified from seeing his wife and son be burned alive, Amena walked to the man and said now we are even then she went out and cut herself sideways across the fight blinding herself in both eyes for she had seen enough of the world and did not want to see more.


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