An Early DnD Class Used Dirty Underwear And Farts As Weapons

The Jester class in the early days of DnD had a bizarre moveset to say the least, including dirty underwear and farts.

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Believe it or not, but there was a time when a goofy character class in DnD existed which made use of dirty undergarmets and farts to attack. The Jester was a highly experimental class to say the least, its weapon of choice being to subdue the enemy by laughing fits. Talk about the most outlandish homebrew… 

What the Jester was all about

Blessed in Dexterity and Intelligence , the Jester boasted abysmal Charisma stats. The unconventional class had only a very limited array of usable weapons. As such, bizarre powers were given to the Jester to make up for all that. One ability was throwing pies or rotten tomatoes, another was squirting acid. Arguably, the most out-there weapon of choice was the use of magical filthy socks and underwear which would stun the enemy. Moreover, the Jester's farts (limited to thrice an hour in-game) had the ability to knock out any enemy within 15 feet of them. As for spells, the Jester made jokes. A low-tier joke (a Pun) could stop an enemy attack, while a Killer joke (you know what's coming) could kill any enemy having less than 12 HP outright. Other jokes included status ailments (induce sleep on a foe) and debuffs (decrease a foe's attack rolls or even stop its movement for several turns). 

Do you like this Jester class?

All this happened before the mainstreaming of the internet, of course. At that time, the DnD fandom circulated the game's popularity through the Dragon magazine which was published by TSR, Inc. Homebrew classes and creativity in general were a hot topic in the magazine. It was in Dragon #3 where this idea of the Jester class came about, and we have Pete Simon, Charles Carner, and William Cannon to thank for the idea behind the Jester class.

Ending Statement

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