An unusual battle of Fredrick’s Bay

How a nightly conflict became a strange and memorable battle, and how almost all of the PCs are now on trial for war crimes or some sort of treason.


This all took place over the second session of what hopefully will be a long standing campaign, and I will try not to mention the first session to much, as it is not a story worth telling, I honestly really hated it and talked to the DM and a few players about it, but as our DM is a great person, he took these complaints into account and the second session was possibly the best D&D session I have ever had. 

The first session is only important to this story in that it 

  1. started in a world that supposedly had no magic and humans only

  2.  revealed that one of the PCs had tons of magic(much to the grunts of everyone who wanted to play a magic user and was told no,my self included)

  3. each play recived a ring that let them learn one cantrip(except the person who already had magic) 

  4. and we ended up on an Island that was seemingly mystical and had extremely few people

Altho the only race was human and no magic classes, we still varied greatly in our ability.The PCs were as follows: two dex based fighters, Nyla and Malcer(my character). A rouge named Clare. A barbarin called Zimmi, and his boss/friend Andrew who was some sort of homebrew diplomat class that was useless in a fight but has a +10 to charizma checks. And finally Willa, the girl who has more lightning magic then she knows what to do with, I think she was some sort of homebrew version of sorcerer but i'm not sure. All the PCs were about 20-30 years old except Malcer who was 17, and Willa who was 8. The party was all level one except Willa who made it to level two first session. 

The session opens with the party finding,or rather being found by, a very powerful warrior by the name of Tigor, who takes them to the only sort of settlement on this strange land, Fredrick's Bay. It was a small town with a little over 100 people and built in an extremely well fortified area. There were three factions of people in the town based on the people who got shipwrecked there, pirates, imperials, and another faction full of followers of the red god. Despite the factions there was still a ruler who had united them all,he was an old man known as the professor, whom the party meet immediately upon entering Fredrick's bay. He told them the three major,and as far as I know only, rules of the Island,

  1. No Killing

  2. No Stealing

  3. Don't go to the mountain in the center of the Island

The party first sought out healing for some pretty bad injuries that they got in the first session as Willa had no healing magic, and no one in the group had a healer's kit. At the healers place the party gets patched up and there's a red powder that is used to wake up an unconscious character, important later. At some point the group learns that every night the town is attacked by these weak monsters the locals simply call spawn, the spawn are sort of like a weaker mud mephit. Because one of the mystical properties about the island is that the people on it don't need sleep, the townspeople would fight through the night, every night, with relative ease. The party was not about to miss a good fight and offered to help protect the town, Andrew and Zimmi did not wish to join us on the battlefield so we split the party. looking back now we should have forced Willa to go with them, but instead she just sort of tagged along with Malcer,Nyla, and Clare, who all got out their ranged weapons and set up atop a watchtower that connected to the wall, making it more of a battlement that didn't go the full length of the wall. Several important NPCs were joining us in the tower, Brutish who was the head of the imperial factions despite being about 16,Brutish's bodyguard and loyal friend Tarry, and one more soldier named Titus. Willa was told by every party member there not to use her magic, as magic wasn't supposed to exist, she didn't seem to have full control over her magic and we didn't really need the help. This fight was pretty routine and no one had actually been killed by the spawn in three years, so we were feeling confident. When night fell and the spawn ran down from the mountain and into the front line of troops, the men cut through them easily. All was going well, and then Willa decided to use her lightning magic on some of the spawn. She lets lose some lightning that wipes out a few dozen spawn and possibly hurts some of our allies, as another effect of the island we were unaware about was that magic was more powerful and a little unstable. All the spawn freeze for a second, turn towards Willa, and like a pack of ravenous dogs chasing after fresh meet, start to run towards us. All the spawn rushing towards one point of the fairly thin front line breaks it instantly, and they begin to dig their claws into the wooden wall and climb up towards the party. Malcer,Nyla and Clare switch to melee weapons and shields as the spawn begin to rush us and the battlefield dissolves into a bloody chaos. Hearing the sudden commotion and the sound of Willa's lightning, Zimmi and Andrew come running. Andrew uses his cantrip friends to convince an NPC commander to send more troops to help us, and Zimmi climbs onto the tower to fight alongside us. After casting his simple cantrip a few of the spawn were attracted to the magic and the defenceless diplomat had to flee the battle. During the fight at the watchtower Tarry is pulled over the edge by spawn, and is horribly wounded. The rest of the people fight on ferociously, and it is a bloody battle.

At the end of the battle Tarry is still alive but dying fast, Malcer, who was also thrown from the tower later in the battle, moves over to his side. Brutish rushes off to get a healer but Tarry knows it is no use. Tarry asks Malcer to promise to take care of Brutish after he dies and Malcer agrees. Tarry dies and Malcer moves back up to the tower to check on the rest of the party. when he gets up there Titus is fuming mad at Willa for causing all this chaos and death, and Brutish who was trying to save brutish most of the time and didn't wasn't looking for the first spell, is still with the doctor,crying over Tarry's body. Witch means the only NPC that knows that Willa is responsible for this is the already wounded Titus, Who at this point is calling for blood. Malcer grabs Titus by the neck, and attempts to intimidate Titus into silence. Titus doesn't give in and dares Malcer to kill him, Malcer, being a lawful neutral character doesn't want to kill Titus, so in one swift daft moment, Macler hits Titus over the head hard, knocking him out. Malcer decides to pretend that he is taking the unconscious Titus to the medical tens, and as he is going that another townsperson comes to help, making it so that he can't disappear and try and come to an understanding with Titus that will protect Willa, and maybe if forced to finish Titus off. With Titus now place in a medical tent, Malcer begins to sneak into the healers house and steal some of the red powder used to wake an unconscious creature so he can have his talk with Titus, which he does without getting caught. However when he returns to the tent with Titus in it, Brutish is there, presumably there to try and find out what happened to make the spawn surge the way they did and kill his friend. Malcer and Brutish talk for a minute, with Malcer pretending that he came looking for Brutish to tell him about the promise to protect him, but Malcer then notices a bit of red dust on Brutish's hand. Brutish in his quest for finding someone to blame for Tarrys death, already woke Titus with the red dust, who told Brutish everything then pasted back out from the concussion that Malcer gave him. Brutish is crying for blood and is summoning a council at noon to put the party on trial, and because Malcer refuses to break the promise he made to Tarry, forcefully stopping Brutish is out of the question, and Malcer can't do anything to stop the trial.

We haven't had the third session yet but hopefully because we have not directly broken any of the three rules, except a little thievery of red powder but nobody knows about, and the fact that Andrew has +10 will keep us from being punished to harshly. Man… How did things go so wrong?


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