Badass chance encounter


New to dnd, and my friends decided to start me with a homebrew 4e.
As part of the homebrew rules, The dm would allow us to take a skill from another class when we would earn one. This lead our party leader to be a min/max human fighter/monk/warrior hybrid that can only be described as the Centurion from For Honor. I was a human wizard with necromancy powers and we also had a catfolk rogue and a halfling bard.
One session, we managed to find ourselves wandering through the dense forests and my character finds a glowing moth on a tree. Without trying to idenify it, my character eats it and the DM says "roll for me". Nat 20.
"Um….. Morang (my character) has now gained a level, but is now tripping balls to a similar degree of LSD for 24 hours."
I was shocked.
The other party members caught up to me and didn't bother asking what had happened, they just took me along to a ruin they had found in my absence.
My character sees tentacles everywhere and starts panicking. I warn the others not to go any further but none of them believe me.
Long story short, we nearly die to 4 tentacle beasts (don't remember the actual name) but after a few healing spells later we went about to a clearing with a body of water nearby.
As soon as we step within 50 feet of the water, my character saw something move in it.
Without thinking, he fired a magic missile at it and to everyones surpise, a water dragon rose out of it.
I had provoked a dragon. The fighter and i immediately readied up while the rogue ran away and the bard tried to grab her. I start slinging spells while the fighter starts running to me. The dragon is about to attack.
The fighter tackled me and we plunged into the water. We then 19 and 20 roled athletics checks to climb up on its back and start hitting it. After 1 spell I jumped off onto land but the fighter stayed on and started to rip its wings off as it tried to take flight. He succeeds in that too and nearly kills the thing, letting me do the honors of finishing it off.
Forgot to mention we were all level 2s at the start of this story.


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