Baldur’s Gate III Allows Players To Kill Enemies By Throwing Their Boots

Baldur's Gate III is so creative that you can even fell a foe by taking off the boots you are wearing and then hurling them on it!

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It was this past Thursday when a live gameplay of Baldur's Gate III was hosted by Larian Studios for the first time. Inthe livestream that spanned an hour, the studio founder and game director, Swen Vincke, showed just how flexible the game is going to be. He made one of his characters take off his shoes and hurl them at the foe. How much damage do you reckon this highly unorthodox move did? Only four, but enough to kill the enemy!

More amusing details of the game

Besides throwing one's own shoes at the enemy and actually killing it, some more unorthodox details were sighted from the livestream. For example, a low tier cantrip spell such as Mage Hand can push an enemy off a cliff, albeit gently! In a press demo in February, Larian Studios gave another little snippet form the game: players can potentially sneak their way into a crypt and steal all the weapons there, triggering a horde of skeletons only after the deed is done.

Check out the gameplay livestream on your own

A Final Word

This trend of brining more and more flexibility and customization to modern games, especially RPGs like DnD, is ever-increasing today. Indeed, that constitutes the very heart of "role-playing" in role-playing games. On that note, Baldur's Gate III will take a long stride in that direction, taking the pen-and-paper format of DnD to the digital gaming world.

Click here to know all we know about Baldur's Gate III as of now. The game releases late this year.

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Source: Polygon


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