Bar troll fight

First time for new DM Barfight and almost killing a Gnome merchant


I still can't get over what happened when my sister-in-law DM first time in DND. My older brother playing a Paladin and he starts a keg party while my character curiously drops a mug down a pit in the middle of a tavern, after the paladan starts a keg stand a troll and some mosquitoe esque monsters pop out of the pit. My mug on the trolls head. I'm sitting near a rogue who apparently has a contract on me. My little brother is a cat person artificer and my Older brother's fiance is a giant wizard.
I pull a nat 20 agility rolling over a table but miss a swing, used a d10 accidentally. My older brother is so sloshed he botches every attack and just T poses on a table with three creatures stuck on him going "shoot me" my little brother does shoot the paladan with a rock, doesn't kill him but we start calling the Paladan T-man or stuff like that.

Later we come across a gnome with a purple store rogue steals a priceless item and the gnome lights itself on fire, my character dodges and the Paladan accidentally stabs the guy because he forgot to call out non lethal. so while the Gnome is bleeding out it tells the tale of his late wife accidentally burning their house down and she was unable to get out. the entire party was feeling terrible and the Paladan was not feeling like a good paladan so while two party members, the giant and the Aasimar are looking for the item the Paladan goes. "I perform CPR!"

"For a stab wound?" Aasimar fighter asked

"I guess!" Gets a nat 20 and revives the guy with CPR for a stab wound. My little bro forces the rogue to hand back the item, a purple plushie beholder, since he saw the theft. So we also continue to tease the just graduated Paladan. All the while we were starting to look for a kidnapped person


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