Barbarian vs Hydra

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So we had a campaign years ago. We were playing pathfinder at the time. During this quest there was a Barbarian, we had rouge, ranger, monk and  some type of infernal blue furry witch. (This guy was an ass.) His character was always like am a which that  eat babies. Regardless we were doing a side mission to the main campaign as our ranger ended up getting a bunch of people kill last time.

So we travel to a priest who spoke about redemption for the ranger and sent him out to the valley deep in the forest away from any civilization. Took about day or so in game to get there nothing really to note worthy.

We finally came to crossing to what was a once a rope bridge. Now was 2 ropes that crossed to the other side. We would have to cross without falling. The height was about 35 feet. So rouge crosses, monk crosses no problem. Range rolls low and having issues to cross. The witch rolls very low and is having problem. Barbarian has high states in climbing, acrobatics and strength and rolls high as well is now tight rope walking with easy while having a giant axe walks past the struggling witch.

Barbarian helps witch up so does the rouge helps the ranger. DM states we roll. We do we make the checks but, barbarian no longer able to tight rope walk across but still makes it. We now make it to the other side.

We look on as it is a very steep incline down. Monk had a grapping hook. Unsure why he would carry this around but did. They started to descend. Monk first, then ranger followed by barbarian, rouge and then the witch. Everyone passed the roll check to climb down except the witch. DM ruled due to witch failed his roll nat. 1 DM flavored it. We rolled for perception everyone but the rouge passed. The witch lost control and the hook came loose and while falling the witch came down and took out the rouge as well. Rouge took some budging damaged as the witch took out his legs. The witch took damage from the fall and impact with the ranger. Witch took a healing potion. Now we looked at where we came. Asked DM if we are able to climb back up. Roll perception check. Ranger passed and was told. It is steep and would take a bit of time but is climbable to get back up. With that we carried on.

We came in to a stream and a small wolf den. We found a few remains of people in the area and some strange tracks. We try to determine what type of tracks these were but no can make them out. We decide to look into the den as the Range does a perception check rolls a 20. Spots a wolves no more than 3. Roll for initiative. Range has stealth and arracks first. Drowns a wolf right away. Had a crazy roll on his attack. The other wolves run up as we delay action. The wolves get in close the witch casted sleep on one the other was confront by the Monk/rouge and proceeded to punch and stab the wolf to death. The wolf that was put to sleep was beheaded by the barbarian. We went back to the den and nothing was found.

We proceeded a little ways up and came to smashed cart. We found touched and flask of some type of exploding fire concoction. (can’t remember the name) we have used them before. Pretty much an explosion of fire. Our DM is known to do things like this to as give us a chance to face what comes next. If you skip on the these details you will hurting come next battle. So we load up on the times.

We walk and enter a clearing. There were trees to the rear and to the right side of us cliffs to the left of us the DM is telling us. Then he proceeded to change the music to epic battle song off his PlayStation. We are started to get pumped. Then next thing he plays a loud monstrous sound off his phone we are like what’s coming? A Dragon maybe. He reaches into the bag and places on the board in front of our figures a large serpent cut out. It’s a hydra. DM is like roll perception. We all roll and he gives us a description of the Hydra. It has 4 heads at the moment. It stands over 2 stores we can’t see the tail as the body is blocking rest of the view.

Every one is in awe at the moment. The came initiative. Hydra first, then Barbarian followed by the rest. Hydra moved up and closed the gap. Ended its turn just out side of the group. The barbarian charged it with axe in hand swinging a powerful blow right at the Hydra. DM Asked where was the Barbarian swing at. Out of character I know what happened when I go for the head but in character not so much. Told roll for creature knowledge. Rolled low but based on how DM stated the Hydra was position swung for the chest area. Doing a large amount of damaged.

Now the rest of the squad was up. Witch turns and runs from battle. Rouge turn and runs into the tree as well. Ranger turn and runs into trees but climbs a tree as well. Monk while he ran he ran to other side of the map. While not the same direction of the rest was still moving out of combat. The assholes! They left barbarian to fight. I gave them a look like WTH.

It was the Hydra’s turn and it attacked with its four heads. It has reach. Went after the barbarian. First attack was a miss, second was hit took, third attack hit and four a miss. Barbarian turn hit the Hydra once again with a heavy hit. Then takes a step back not opening up self for attack of opportunity. I looked at the group and was really what are you doing.

The witch does nothing. The rouge tires to fire an arrow with his short bow but DM stated he was just out of range. So decided to stay in the trees for cover but moves up a bit. The ranger then climbs a tree to the top. He says he had tools that helps him do this. He says he tried to take a shot! DM how are you able to take a shot from the tree like that. His response he will tie myself to the tree and brace against the tree. He also said he was up in the trees so would give him better reach. DM and him went back and forth of about this and that he was firing into melee. Regardless he fired and missed.

Then monk finally, someone else decided to do something. He moves up and asked if he was in area for a range attack. The monk had taken one of the exploding concoctions and wanted to throw it at the Hydra. It hit and exploded doing some fire damage very minimal damage. DM asked monk to roll for knowledge. Monk rolled and DM explained. “Hydra has many heads and when ever one is cut off 2 would grow back in its place. To stop this, cut off head at base and needs to be burned to prevent the regrowth. Once all heads are cut off the hydra dies. So fire on the wound not to he flesh.

Back up to the Hydra it attacks the barbarian. First attack missed second attack missed, third hits and it throws the Barbarian back a few feet the hydra then looks at the monk. Barbarian takes a healing potion. The group is still in the back. Not doing to much witch trying to go back to where we came from. Good luck trying to climb up the steep mount. The rouge tried to climb a tree as well to make a shot with his bow. At this point Dm allows this. Neither the rouge or ranger is making any hits.

The monk now move to the side trying to keep away out of the Hydra’s reach but still no doing much. He then tells the barbarian that we have to cut off the heads and burn the body. Only your self and the range would have the equipment to do. That when everyone and the DM realised how few of out our characters have slashing weapons. Makes sense as the Barbarian has his 2 handed axe, the monk punches, the rouge has a rapier to stab and the ranger has a 2 tomahawks. The other big hitters that plays with us in the campaign were a no show today. Oh and the witch well and, all he really does is annoy us and puts curse on people mostly putting them to asleep.

Now you would think that the rest of the party may think maybe we should do something to help. Well they don’t rouge and ranger once again are shooting from the trees trying to hit something. Once again nothing.  The monk is circling try to keep away from the Hydra. The monk is trying to flank the Hydra which is smart. The Hydra moves to attack the monk but the monk evades then attacks then the Barbarian. Now Barbarian’s turn. Does a perception check of the surrounding. Roll decent and asked if there are any large dead trees around? There is one just to the side between barbarian and monk with the hydra in the middle.  Barbarian tells  the monk to set the tree on fire as I have a plan. Then barbarian runs in for another attack on the Hydra putting in some heavy damage once again. Also plus we were consider to have flank the hydra so there was a plus

Rest of party does what they have been doing. The Monk moves to the tree and use torches to set the dead tree on fire. Now the Hydra hit the barbarian send him back but near the burning tree where I wanted to be. Took a move action to stand up but plan about to go into action. Monk came over to barbarian and use another healing potion. While rest of the group firing arrows that did nothing as they were firing in melee and bad rolls.

Hydra now attacks Barbarian once again first 2 attacks missed. Then attacks the monk first hit heavy damage on the monk second hit another heavy damage as the monk is tossed further back.

Barbarian’s turn. Now in character yelling out swears and other things to the Hydra with intimidation. DM states doesn’t speak common so no effect. Then Barbarian Rages runs into the dead burning tree to push it over. Rolls 20. Hydra rolls low. So what happens now it the burn tree falls on the Hydra between the 2ndand 3rdhead. This pinned the Hydra’s3 & 4thhead under the weight of the burning tree.

The rest of the party considers to come to aid and help with the Hydra but told it take a full move action to untie themselves and to then climb down. So then choose to fire off another round of arrows again. Still nothing hits then waste a turn untying themselves. Back up to the Hydra currently pinned down so only 2 head could attack. They attack the barbarian took a bit of damage. Now the 3rdand 4thhead was were under the tree. DM rolled to remove it. Nat 1 on the roll. Hydra in warped up the burning tree neither the 3rdor 4thhead could do anymore at this point. Now barbarian is raging and hit hard and heavy on large hydra that is immobile.

As the group hears this they are starting to make there way back to where the action is. The monk is getting up to heal as well. Hydra tries again to attack at the barbarian nothing happening. The barbarian with a heavy swing hits. DM then states that the Hydra is dead. While not decapitating the heads the barbarian attacked the body and cleaved into it heart. Killing it. Everyone is now coming up to the dead Hydra. They look around and nothing else to do now. Ranger wants to head back to the lair of the Hydra. Uses perception to follow from where the beast came from.

Nothing but large mounts of dead corps and large mounts of hydra shit. We roll perception once again and noticed something shinny in the poop. No one does anything. Barbarian states he has metal gloves reaches in and pulls out a magic dagger. This was the ranger’s quest for redemption but the barbarian took the loot fitting as he was the one who fought the Hydra himself. We then returned back to the start of the quest where ranger had to explained what her learned. For story I guess he could say he may have learned something. Trying to shoot from a tree with bow an arrow. Since that day the barbarian went on to become know as the slayer and went onto take down other big monster till the campaign came to an end.

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