Battle scars

This story is about a character I made that was a fallen angle of bahomat named able the hex blade. We used asimar as a base and added to it.


this happend pretty late in the camping but we had been prepairing to go to another univese to try and stop the spread of some strange shadow creatures and went to a pocket demention to train. During our training we whent throught mental tests and made a wisdom save to see throught the illion i made my save and failed it so my character beleved this was real. he was standing infront of  bohamat his fathers corps holding a blade that was made to kill him as a voice spoke behind him “good you killed him such a good pet” he turned around to see teamont and he lunges towards her as the sword turned into rose pettles as another voice said “one use kid” temot smiled and started to mock him “sutch a foolish child you cant kill me now” as abel drew his axe and cut into her saying “you took every thing from me my brother my father NOW JUST TAKE MY LIVE!”. the scene shifted to a battle field where a young boy held an man in his arms surrounded by bodys saying “im sorry im so sorry able plese forgive me” the man gave him a half harted smile and said “cain…its…not your…fault protect these people please” able looked on in horror as he was forced to relive the day that he saw his older brother die. after all was said and done we headed off.


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