Beginning of the end

Nearing the end of our campaign the crew of "a little bit of Elbow grease" Returns to port to fight a water elemental leviathan.


After the defense of the dwarven capital, and reviving an ancient deity, the party regroups at the port they began at. 

        While the party was trying to plan their attack the monk sees a serpentine elemental’s head charging at them. The bard was distracted by the cannons that were added to the ship and the Barbarian barely saw it.

The serpentine elemental coils around their ship “a little bit of elbow grease” and slams into the bard and Barbarian who tried to “whistle the creature away” (A.K.A. sing a happy tune from “The king and I”) with bludgeon and acid damage.

The Monk launches   at the creature’s face while the barbarian lands two slashes on it. upon landing the hit the monk realizes he could have used the cannons to cause more damage and yells out loud “are the cannons good?”

The Ranger grabs a Cannon and fires striking the being. “of course they are”

The bard uses a chaos bolt striking it and then fires his pistol and shooting the creature.

The ship gets swamped by a tidal wave the serpent calls up and is launched 60ft away.

The monk gets up and preps another .

The Barbarian pulls out her scroll she bought and uses the bringing the party up to fighting form.

Creature fails a Dex save again and the monk lands another .

Ranger lands another cannon fire with luck on his side that the gunpowder wasn’t wet.

Bard attempts to use , but the creature just glares at him. The bard then tries his crossbow, but hits the Barbarian in the butt.

The ranger is hit by a thrown cannon and the Barbarian’s ghostly grandmother attempts to slow it down cutting damage in half.

Monk lands 1 ki blast and lands another .

Barbarian uses savage attacks and lands three powerful strikes and when the creature rears back she spits at it.

The ranger launches two bow arrows and nat 20 one and basic hits with another.

Bard launches a chaos bolt and fires another crossbow bolt with his second bow.

The creature uses its legendary reaction and strikes the bard.

That is when another tidal wave capsizes the ship and sends the party into the water. The barbarian taking the blow easily, but the rest taking heavy damage.

(The party’s warlock had to take care of their dog IRL, who started coughing blood. DM agreed to not let anyone die. This time. Here’s hoping the dog is okay.)


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