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    Order of Dragonblood Ch. 1

    Downfall The Infinite Father’s beautifully carved wooden statue on the corner of my table tumbles on to the marble floor as a thunderous roar leaves my ears ringing. The crystalline hourglass in its hand shatters on impact. Blue fragments scatter across the floor. I sit up. I know that sound. This is a dragon. Judging...
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    Order of Dragonblood Ch. 2

    The Lonely Tower Tarander stood up and placed the black book on the small wooden table next to the rough wooden chair he just sat on. He stretched, and flinched, as a sharp pain jolted up his spine. »Aah! By the Souls! «, he exclaimed into the large cylindrical room. Nobody responds, but that did...
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    Order of Dragonblood Ch. 3

    The Weeping Dragon It was Laugar the 6th Zamanis 772 AOM. I was recently appointed Lord of the Order. However, that did not stop me from going on missions with my old unit. We were tracking a dragon for over 2 weeks now and we believed we had finally gotten close. So close in fact...
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    Order of Dragonblood Ch. 4 & Epilogue

    Revelations Tarander put down the book. Then he took a deep breath. And another one. He had a theory of what the dragon Dulgumor wanted to tell Arahu. A very dangerous theory. Very dangerous. Book in hand he pushed himself out of the chair. How long had he been reading? Was it night already? »Tarander...
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