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    How my pyromancer Aarakocra ate a Purple Worm

    Ikki started like every other cleric in D&D, but he is a bit deranged. Follower of Kossuth, the god of fire, Ikki belives he can become a Fenix if he works hard enough. The party was made from a Human Barbarian named Artem, a Hexblade Tiefling named Pristool, and a Rogue Halfling named Eldon. On...
  • How we saved a bunch of kids than blew up their village

    Me and my Buddies have been playing in the same campaign for over 2 years now. Our party, at the time of this story, consisted of Ken the monk, Nicholi the Barbarian, John the bard/sorceror gunslinger which we took to calling a spellslinger, Bragon the Arcane Archer, and Vebril the Spellcasting Rogue. We had just...
  • From cleric to Warlock part 1

    When i play D&D i have a tendancy to choose support classes as Tieflings and this time i chose to play a Tiefling Cleric of life named Pit (and yes i tried to make Pit from the video game but as a devil). his backstory was that he was born into poverty and was shunned...
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    tales of a lost realm

    Prologue               The tomes of question were given to us by an Elvish man bleeding profusely from every orifice and were horribly burned. he died saying, “The serpents, they have come for me.” Those words stuck to me, what could it have meant, so I studied the tomes but I...
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    SPLIT a fantastical dnd story.

    this story is brought by grimm999. I am an avid dnd player. i love creating intricate characters and playing the weirdest of games. this particular game was a homebrew created by a relatively new dm this was only his second game ever. in this game the world we are playing in is essentially jumanji. we...
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