• Verona/War orphans

    The-Dude_500004/25/2020I have more written on crow to person so this backstory is coming straight from the brain holeso here I goTwo children, a brother and a sister, are left on the steps of the st. Freya orphanageDarkknight76704/25/2020Ha freya I get itThe-Dude_500004/25/2020They live a surprisingly luxurious life, nice beds, good food, most importantly undying love from...
  • How do you create dnd game around fallout fanatic ?

    I have a brother who is a very big fallout fan. However, this comes with a bad side. He really only likes post apocalyptic games or just has guns in general. As he hates anything with puzzles or with not enough action. I have been working on a simplified dnd experience but is hard knowing...
  • Need A DM Friend To Help With My First Gameplay

     soo im going to write my storyline so far and if anyone wants to give their thoughts they can comment and im hoping we can discuss more ideas too 😉 in the land of Mindora, mayhem spreads through the land like fire. Man has conquered and overpopulated most of the magical population and this wasnt...
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