Cheers for Elliot Grey!

How my PC pulled the greatest plan without me being at the table!


Elliot Grey! The best character I’ve ever played thus far! A human rogue with a heart of gold, but with a huge addiction problem. Long story short for his backstory, after he achieved his revengeance he basically had nothing to live for. Enters Eth! Another PC who saved Elliot from a bet gone wrong with a random bad NPC. A life debt needed to be paid thus Elliot’s new reason for living, his “new drug”. As I’ve been told from the other players is that Elliot put Eth’s well being above the rest of the party, in which I can agree. Though his alignment was NE, he was never a problem. Until the PC named Adriel. She was a very disliked character among the table. Cold hearted, self centered, and  had the “I’m the main character” attitude. With that being said I didn’t care. As long as she didn’t go against the party, especially Eth then all was good. Unfortunately Eth met his end after failing a Will Save from a magical crowd he put on. His soul was captured by an evil fire god, as an evil fire elemental now inhabited his body. The player now had to play this emotionless character who only cared about money and fire. Elliot and the party was stricken with grief, except Adriel who immediately wanted to split Eth’s belongings. And then stated, “I never liked him in the first place.” Really? Alright bet! Elliot will remember that. A planned was in the making, and the funniest part is that I wasn’t even at the table when it all came together. Like Elliot I have an addictive personality that made DND LIFE for me! Though I love the game I needed a balance between my hobbies and my life goals. So instead I decided to write my plans on index cards, stayed home and did work. We had that ninja note rule, so everything was a secret and done in the background as the players continued as normal. The way I wrote my plans were very detailed. I had plans if my plans plans failed! I used half the pack of the index cards plotting Elliot’s scheme; to bribes, making deals, paying people off for their silence, stealing from the party, buying spells and barrels of oil! The plan was to sacrifice Adriel’s followers (which were Orcs) and use that as a bargaining chip for Eth soul. Then finally, Elliot would disguise himself as the campaign’s main villain, purposely getting spotted as he made his escape. To entice the fire god I used the barrels of oil and fire spells and burned Adriel’s followers alive. Glad to say Elliot was successful! Eth was returned as Elliot disappeared. Out of the game I was receiving text from the player whose character I was avenging, and he was blown away from what he read as he passed along the cards to the DM. Another player who lived with me at the time was completely in the dark and wanted to know everything. I wasn’t going to tell but the secret was revealed when the player of Adriel “found my index card”. Side note: The player of Adriel is married to the dm. She complained so a lot of things were retconned but Eth was still alive! A lot of that happened during the game. Anyway, the whole group found out and I proudly confirmed! It was a great night, but sadly Elliot’s story does not end well. In game he was found high off drugs, imprisoned, put on trial and finally sentenced to a fight to the death. So Elliot had a chance to live, but he faced a Shaman Orc who was specifically tailored for Elliot. One sided battle later Elliot was killed. Eth and the party watch the whole thing, and did nothing honoring the court decision. Eth, now wanting to retire, a was given Elliot’s belongings. Among those belongings was a medallion that Elliot stole from Eth when he became possessed. In which I did something before any plans were made, I carved on the back, “Eth, my hero.” In which inspired the player to keep playing Eth which led to him becoming a God! Cheers for Elliot Grey, best freaking character ever!



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