Darcsen’s Dream Journal Entry 12

A continuation of our descent into madness.


5 August 1930

Looking around the others are all here. Except for Tobias. He's gone, as well as all of his stuff. Only a bare mattress is left. Timmy runs downstairs after hearing Madame Perry speaking to someone else. When he returns he says we have a new groundskeeper, an old man. He has an eye patch, long ragged hair, and a limp. We also have a free day while she shows him the ropes. I hide Caliburn as well as I can before leaving the orphanage, heading towards a local pool. I spend time talking with others my own age, observing some girls, and spreading rumors that there are crazy experiments happening underground. The day passes quickly and my panic starts deflating.

Date unknown, Location: unknown, Time since Awakening: 0 hours

I wake in the dreamlands, familiar scales, claws, and teeth covering me. I have the faint notion that I will be betrayed by others, especially anyone new. Speaking of new, Seravin is back. When questioned he says he didn't want to wake us. I don't believe a word of it and do what I can to get away from him as fast as possible. We have ended up on an enormous board, 10 squares by 10, red and white. A void and walls surround the board.

"Fools! You cannot be trusted to accomplish your tasks! You have interfered with my plans for too long, your souls are forfeit to the Crawling Chaos!"

With that proclamation an enormous cube of jelly appeared on the other side of chessboard. Ten levers appeared on two sides of the board, floating out in the void between the board and the walls. I moved over to investigate one of the levers, poking at it with my shovel. I flipped it, causing all of the squares in the row I was on to blast with light and runes. 'Seravin' revealed himself to be a traitor, changing forms before us and firing several blasts of force from his hands, nearly knocking me off the board and into the void.

I see Hypnos in my head. Trying to talk to us. He is distraught, then angry. I hear bits of his speech. The gods are gone, they are going to die. It doesn't make too much sense. I also hear names. Nodens. Ukranos. Karakle. I work through the Pact I have with the Headmaster, and discover that we are somewhere in the Dark Tapestry.

My other comrades attack not-Seravin, nearly killing him and forcing him to retreat. The cube gets sucked into one of the spaces on the board and appears over top of Timmy. Timmy manages to avoid getting sucked into the cube and fights back against it. When Nanfoodle sets it on fire it combusts and boils away, but it leaves Timmy a drooling mess. Seems he still hasn't gotten over his fear of fire. Chicago takes care of not-Seravin, driving his foot through the horned man's chest and kicking him into the void.

"Master…Please…Save me…" is all we hear. We have a few moments of respite before a skeleton appears in the gear that not-Seravin was wearing. Then the cube comes back. I spend time trying to figure out what the deal is with the squares and why the cube can travel the way it can. My comrades continue fighting, all except for Timmy. He seems like something is on his mind, then before we can do anything he dives into the void, managing to squeeze his mass into the tiny hole.

I've finally got it! We need to turn all the levers off to stop the cube from moving. I begin flipping switches, Nanfoodle works on getting rid of the cube, Chicago flips multiple switches while killing the skeleton several times over. If it wasn't for Chicago we'd all be much more injured. A dangerous cackle is heard as the skeleton finally stops getting up. In my head I see a vision of another teenager, a few years older than I am. I've seen him before. He was missing a hand, and I see him burning alive, calling for his master.

As the last switch flips the entire chessboard becomes an enormous sigil. Then an enormous tentacle smashes the board, dropping us all onto floating platforms…


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