Darcsen’s Dream Journal Entry 18

A continuation of our descent into madness.


Date unknown, Location: Mox Amber?, Time since Resurrection: unknown

Flashes of time past roar through my head. Nanfoodle makes a pact with Bask. Sevarin disappearing after presenting this amulet. Traps. Kobolds. Bodies and bodies and more bodies.

I startle and realize I'm in some form of dungeon with the rest of my companions. Nanfoodle looks weird. Turns out he is a cat person, and bigger than my current svirfneblin-Medraut form. His new name is Red Cloud of Clan Pine Ridge. I'll call him Red for short. We're in an amulet, a dungeon created that contains a 'Vault' with gear we can use to help in our assault on the Crawling Chaos. I feel punch-drunk. I don't know what I've been doing. Gods my head hurts.

We've stopped in front of a door with an image of a dragon ascending on it. Chicago notices the handle has a peculiar sheen to it. I probe it with my dagger and find it is an extremely strong adhesive. We use my dagger as a new handle and open the door. Inside is a large room, 60 foot ceilings, pillars that stop at human chest height, and a whole mess of kobolds. Two kobolds with wings are hanging out in alcoves forty feet above the ground. There are a half dozen spearmen and some type of leader who shouts in a strange language. One of the kobolds above us pulls a lever, causing the poles to spin. The centrifugal force causes blades hidden along the sides to rise, creating spinning death traps that the kobolds, and myself, can run under.

Chicago starts moving in, careful to avoid the blades and kills one of the flying kobolds using his Inward Facing Circle Chakram. The leader advances out to meet him but has difficulty pinning him down. Red jumps on a wall and starts heading for the other alcove while Seravin turns into a bat (?) and flies above the blades. Timmy drops a sleet storm on top of the rest of the kobolds, taking care of them. I move in under the blades and cast a spell, freezing the lead kobold in place for a few moments.

Chicago takes that opportunity to punish the leader while Red rushes to take care of the trap. The spinning blades are soon taken care of and the ground in front of the alcove is burning with fire from some jars that spilled from above. This allows everyone to rush the kobold leader as the sleet storm rages in front of us. I assume Timmy sees something we can't in there. The leader's shield sends spikes my way, but they don't hurt too much. Timmy drops the sleet storm, revealing the remaining kobolds, nearly frozen to the bone. We take care of them quickly.

The door at the end of the room has another ascending dragon. This one also has an inscription on it. Two by two, doubled again, and add ten. That is the amount of years it takes to see me. In my rather strange state I assume this means we need 18 of something to open the door. I have the others assist me in grabbing the 18 kobold corpses left in our wake and throw them at the door in sequence. We test the door and find that it opens! Either that worked, or we never had to do anything in the first place.

Continuing along there is a corridor with what look like murder holes in the ground. Not sure what it is I jump on my shield and order Timmy and Seravin to throw me across. I skate across without issue and nothing seems to happen. Then the world turns fuzzy and light…

I am woken by rough hands some time later. Chicago and Red explain that the holes were pouring some sleeping gas into the corridor. They plugged the holes with fingers cut from the kobold corpses to allow us to continue on. One side chamber we find has a box with three key holes in it, as well as three metal cylinders that have Draconic inscriptions. They read Junk Room, Grabby room, and Mummy room. We only have two keys so we ignore this for now.

Continuing on we find another door with an ascending dragon and a hand-written sign in common. Enter challengers, if you dare. Inside is a large ring, like a boxing ring, as well as four enormous kobolds (they call themselves Swolbolds) in masks. "Two on two tag team wrestling for the hanging key! Let's go!" they call out. Chicago and I don't even question it. He hops in the ring while I divest myself of my weapons and shield then throw myself in with him.

The swolbolds roar in approval and rush Chicago, ignoring me entirely (curse this form). He manages to dodge their attacks and allow me to get in a hit or two of my own before tagging Seravin in. Seravin runs in, ignores the rules of the ring (though there don't seem to be any) and attacks with his swords. He tags Timmy in while Chicago boxes the swolbolds and Timmy ends the fight with his beastly claws. The two remaining swolbold's jaws drop and they realize that this is Ithaqua's champion. They declare him the winner and allow us to attempt to open the large vault door behind them. They inform us the spinning dials need certain numbers to open it, but they can't remember and their boss has the combination written somewhere.

Red swings in front of it and turns the dials to 4-8-18 and the door opens. Jaws still agape the swolbold brothers agree to help us transport the stuff inside out. There is a lot of gear that may help, and an old man, wrapped in ensorcelled chain. A cup catches my eye and Caliburn burns at my side. It appears I found the Holy Grail! I demand someone to put water in it that I may drink from the cup. Timmy makes a gash in his arm and drains some of his blood into it. I don't know why, but it seemed fine to drink from. So I did. Power rushed through my body and Caliburn ignited in dark fire. Something Irrevocably changed and I can't seem to care.

Turns out the old man once knew me as a child. He says my father went out and found the grail with companions before being captured. This man is the last of my father's companions. When I inform him I still have questing left to do he jumps between dimensions back to Camelot as we head toward the exit…


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