D&D-ish Story


My favorite story about tabletop rpging is when I was playing in a game called Mage the Ascension as my accountant and the troubles he got into.  For those that don't know Mage is run on the idea that all humans are reality warpers and the only thing that keeps everything in order is the fact that "mortals" can't actively change things.  There are you overarching forces that are trying to awaken everyone to the potential we have called the Technocracy and the Traditionalist (more on the differences later).

A little backstory on my character is that he was an accountant as a mortal until someone from the Technocracy side in a faction called the Syndicate saw potential in him and recruited him for their side.  The Syndicate are the people that own all the money ie. if it makes money they have their fingers in it.  When he was awakened to his powers he also got the chance to get an upgrade and install a computer in his head as well as a fake eye.  He was a 5ft 3in tall guy with brown hair and green eyes with little social stats, very smart and average physical build.

I was jumping into a campaign that was already being run and so i missed out on the awakening from mortal to a mage but i did start the game out with the spheres of magic that i wanted to have to begin with.  In Mage there are no "spells" so as long as you where powerful enough, able to make it look like it was possible or not care if reality slapped you than anything is possible and from many different spheres of power.  Before I go to far I should discuss the 9 spheres of Magic.

Firstly there is Correspondence or the relation of distance, examples could be kicking someone in the head from 10ft away.  Next is Entropy or power over order, chaos, fate, and fortune, example is what are the chances that if i look down I'll find a $100, very good if I where to mess with the odds(this was one of my 3 I picked).  After that there is Forces or the control of all energies and natural forces and their negative opposites, and example would be to expand the heat of a match until you have a fireball in your hand.  Life is the manipulation of all living organisms, example i give that werewolf "werewolf ebolia" (yes another player from a different game made that and it couldn't kill them so they bleed out in pain).  Mind is the next in order and deals with anything that has to deal with mind effects, example making a mind shield against mindreading or mind control(this was my primary sphere of magic).  Matter deals with anything that is inanimate material, example is turning copper pennies into gold pennies.

Nextly would be Prime or the basic building blocks of the metaphysical structure of reality and what everything is made of, example is ripping the prime out of someones arm and watching as it shrivel away.  Spirit would me next on the list and it deals with spirits and your own soul or Avatar and being able to communicate with them, example would be asking a persons ghost to haunt someone.  Lastly Time deals with dilating, slowing, stopping or traveling through time, example speeding up your reaction speed to be able to do more things in a turn(my last sphere of magic).  While Mind, Time, and Entropy are good things to have they aren't combat spheres and I was ok with that nothing else fit when I was making him.

So to get back on track i was joining in this game part way through and my introduction is that i'm being sent along with the Void Engineers (think space navy with goal to protect the earth) to make sure that there isn't any money being spent wastefully on this expedition they are going on.  What is the expedition we are going on you ask, well let me tell you, they had been tasked to go attack a GOD who needed "to either be killed or kicked in the shin".  Yes you heard that right we had to help kill a god and that was the first big mission I was being added into. Although god is a bit strong because a strong mage might as well look like a god to mortals.

Moving on so I meet the rest of the players in a chinese resturant on Victorian Station (a cityon the dark side of the moon and seen as a neutral ground).  The players where 2 female college students and 2 soldiers. They Helga who is a spirit mage with a giant saber tooth cat as a friend, Olga who is a blood mage who had an awakened mongoose, Mark who was the DMs NPC and finally there was James the modern templar knight, with his NPC werejaguar girlfriend.  They all had at least a shotgun with them and that was the moment I knew that I'd at least need more firepower than a handgun. So after the meet and greet I leave to get gear requisitioned for the mission.  It was here that I had very good luck on my side, so i manipulated them into giving me something more for protection while away on such a dangerous mission and I rolled to see if it would work.

This is when i rolled my 5 d10s(Mage only uses d10s) and got them all to roll 6 or better which is a success and when you just need 1-3 for a good result I added 1 point of willpower to make it 6 successes and was able to get an exosuit. Its basically like warhammer spacemarine armor that requires the appropriate cybernetics to operate, which wouldn't you know I happened to have.  There is more shenanigans but to keep it short we finally leave to go out to the mission. 

Just before we got there however we where attacked by a swarm of giant spider like creatures that attacked our ships and almost killed the entire crew.  It was found out that the reason the crew did so poorly against them was because their carapace was heat resistant and they mostly used energy rifles. After some crawling through some airvents, we make it to the hanger where my armor just so happened to be at(hurray for entropy roll) and got in. Then 2 of them attack use, where me and Kalosh(the spirit saber tooth cat) when to attack.  When the Storyteller when to attack my character he rolled good on his hit dice but had managed to botch the damage roll so from then on he said that they couldn't hurt the suit.  Needless to say I lead to group from then on and would punch, hug and tackle anything that got in our way.

After establishing communication with the commissar of the ship and told to help the engineering section.  The group decided to take the most direct route through an airvent so naturally I can't join them.  Thankfully the spiders can't use the airvents either, so i go to use the elevator shaft and get suprised by 4 spiders and I proceed to hug them all to death but this is when the Storyteller informed me that the elevator falls because they had acid blood but the suit had kept me safe from it.  I then had to shuffle my way through a service tunnel very slowly.

When the Storyteller gets back to me about my progress he describes that there are 2 spiders minding there own buisness when all of a sudden they hear a thud.  They turn and watch in facination as the "ship" gives birth to my character very slowly until I get an arm out and proceed to throw one of them into another.  However this is where I acquired my space door cricket bat to protect the armor from more acid damage.



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