Dealt a bad hand

This story comes from a campaign I wrote and dm for.


Goblins are interesting creatures that have a few interpretations in the dnd community.  Sometimes they are silly or evil or primitive creatures.  I made my lvl 4-5 party ask themselves what more they could be.

In the first campaign our party took, unusual goblin activity had been reported across the land.  Our adventurers 4 discovered a group of 3 elite goblins were gathering goblins into a massive army.  The party fought for several months, tracking the goblin elite, killing their lieutenants, and ending up at lvl 5 before facing the goblin elite.  The leader was a warlock in service to an abboleth.  This abboleth was determined to enslave all races like the time before the gods when abboleths ruled.  The goblins laid down their lives to protect the warlock as he used a stolen staff of planar travel to open a portal into the ocean, releasing progressively larger creatures from the plane of water.  The party struck him down and destroyed the staff a few moments too late.  As the goblin lay dying and the abboleths fled, the party took time to interogate the surprisingly intelligent goblin.  

The paladin furiously threatened to smite him if he didnt tell him what the abboleths were planning.

The goblin warlock simply said: "That would be a pleasantly quick end, by all means."

The Paladin, taken aback said: "Ive never heard a goblin speak anywhere near as intelligently as that."

The goblin replied: "My masters required me to become more competent and i rose to the challenge.  Truth be told, it was pleasant, the conversations in common between myself and my friends.  Finer friends than i could have hoped for."

The Cleric: "What did the abboleths offer you?"

The goblin chuckled, a little blood making its way down his cheek: "Protection from you."

The rogue, silent until now, scoffed: "They would only enslave you, like the rest of us."

The goblin, whos eyes were losing focus, smiled a little sadly and said: "A sad improvement, dont you think?"

The goblin slipped into death and the party realized the awful hand goblins had been dealt, what they could become, and what they were willing to do.  They buried the 3 friends and continued on with their adventure.  There is a part 2 and 3 to this story, if ya guys want it.


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