Death of The Weak OP Cleric

Here is a tale of how the weakest but OP cleric died.


This was a Pathfinder game set in a zombie apocolypse. The entire group are good freinds and still are. Sadly, the party had the unfortunate tendency to have members flicker in and out of the game. In the end, there were only 3 committed members. The drow summoner, the half vampire and half human rouge, and the human cleric. We all rolled for stats. 4d6 take out the lowest one. I rolled moderate stats and we make sure to watch one another to make sure no one cheated. I managed to roll an 18, but the most important roll was a 5. I decided to mess around as this was my third character. The previous two deaths are different stories. So I placed the 18 on Wisdom and the 5 on Con. The DM in pitty gave me an additional 1d4 that I can add to any stat. I rolled a 4 and instead of making my con a 9, I made my wisdom a 22 at level 1. So begins the weak OP cleric Clarissa. The party average was level 6 so I made my character level 5 as established by the party. Afterall what's the fun of playing a level one character amongst a group of level 5. After keveking up the character, I had thier wisdom increased to 25 and the con was still at 5. I also specked in the inquisitor class. My max HP was 14 amongst those with 30. Now, you may wonder how this character was of use or can survive. Their survival is due to the spell sanctuary which makes attackers make a save when they attack you. If they fail, thier attack dosen't follow through and they lose thier attack. What makes this great is that it uses the users wisdom mod when determining the will save. My wisdom mod was an 8. So the DC in the end was too high and the enemy would just stop in thier tracks and awkwardly stare at me. It gets better. Despite the blindness condition, I specked into sense motive and perception on my skills. I justified the perception and blindness via being born with it and using echo location. I also got to add my wisdom mod to innitiative due to the inquisitor class as well as identify monsters using my wisdom mod. Again because of my inquisitor class. I manage to survive till level 7. Now my wisdom is 30 thanks to a magic item boosting it by 2 and HP 18. my con was still 5 but I manage to roll high on one of my hit points when leveling up. My perception is now a 22, and my sense motive is a 21. My healing also is very effective with the plus 10 wisdom modifier. Now to set up the scene. The party manages to capture a cultist trying to assasinate my character. Due to a 15 + 21 sense motive roll later, I manage to avoid the lynching in the allyway and the party got the jump the cultist. They brought them into Clarissa's room in the church and the Drow begins tourturing the cultist for information. My character leaves the room as she cannot stomach the mans suffering. They cough up the information and the Drow is about to kill him. My character stood outside the door to listen in, afterall I am the human lie detector. My character busts through the door and I try to stop the killing. We roll innitiative to see who went first. I rolled a 6 + 10 while the Drow rolled 7 + 4. I beat them and went first. I knew my offensive capabilites are no where near enough to subdue the drow, so I did the next best thing. I casted sanctuary on the cultist. The DC now was a 21 will save. No one had worked up the courage to break through my sanctuary. Not until the drow noble stabbed the cultist through the head killing him. The player rolled a 17 + 7 on thier save. My character was distrought and heart broken. She was too kind and soft. The body began to pulsate. We all knew this wasn't good for different reasons. The half Vampire and I tried to get the drow out of the room who thought that the body was about to resurect into a powerfull zombie. Once their proccess was complete, they exploded with negative energy. I was horrified for my character. Sanctuary protected against attacks, but not AOE. However the saving roll was a will save. Clarissa's will save was a plus 16. I rolled. Nat 1. The GM rolls the damage and the total came out to 23. Now in pathfinder, your character dies completely when they receive damage that drops them below 0 and passed thier con. Mine being five. Adding my con of 5 to my max HP of 18 it comes out to exactly 23. My character dies. This is the end of the weak OP Cleric.


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