Demons, Angels, Necromancers, and a Slime

This is the story of how a demon fought an angel over a slime.


This story takes place in Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Our group runs heavily on homebrew which has led to a cast of wacky characters. Our DM was a player in our previous campeign and this is his first time DMing his own game.

My first character Kelly Starbright was a 17 year old cute as button psychopathic necromancer. In his backstory he came across a little slime named Memo and they became fast friends. He carries her in a little bag on his hip where she rings a set of tiny bells to enact her bardic powers. She is a 12 year old half orc who was turned into a slime by her father. She hates herself thinking shes an monster and hides away from the party who still has no idea she even exist.

Circumstances in the story led to Kelly leaving the party to aid in the kingdoms magical research. Much to Memo's dismay she was needed on the field to find magical items. In need of a bodyguard for Memo the group heads to the local tavern.

In walks my next character Jason. He is 9ft tall and the direct descendent of a Balor and a Red Dragon. His hands burn as he kicks the door open and spreads his wings in a mighty stretch marked by a deep grumbling roar. To Kelly with his lack of a sense of danger or understanding of emotions see's this man and thinks 'He is perfect'.

Again to Memo's dismay the giant demon took the job. Kelly described the job as 'Take my bag, protect it with your life, and never look inside'. At first this didnt bother him, but curiosity got the better of him as he heard the ringing of tiny bells in combat. After the fight Jason looks into the bag. Memo afraid to be seen cast invisibility. Not convinced by the empty space Jason sticks his finger in. Thankfully Memo is able to avoid him by moving her amorphous body around his probing hand. Jason spent five hours at the tavern staring at the bag waiting for whatever was inside to reveal itself. The only person in the party who knew of Memo's existence at this point, a divine soul Aasimar sourcerer, had a problem with this. He ran to get Kelly.

Kelly returns to see Jason staring at the still invisible Memo cowering in her bag. Our Aasimar Amira and Kelly tried to ask him for the bag, but Jason refused to let go of the bag until his curiosity was satisfied. He wanted to know what he was risksing his life for.

What follows is essentially 30 minutes of me arguing with myself while my party is laughing around me. Jason, son of the great Balor and Dragon, refused to be intimidated. After failing to lie, intimidate, persuade, or effectively cast a spell on him Kelly and Amira were out if options and Jason was out of patience.

Scowling as he looked the two over Jason began slowly tipping the bag waiting for them to either come clean or watch whatever came out spill onto the floor.  Memo, who was still invisible, lept from the bag and splatted on the floor. Both Jason and the others heard the splat and listened intently as Memo scurried under the door of a nearby room.

"What was that?" Jason asked in his deep groaning voice.

"Umm it's a mysterious creature we found that we require for field study. Its always invisible" Amira lied. Critical deception.

"Whatever, gather it and hand it back to me in the moring" Jason grumbled much to everyones relief.

Kelly and Amira collected the cowering Memo and spent the night with her to make her feel better. After that Amira gladly decided to carry the bag and remains the onky person in the party who knows of the little slime bard.


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