Descent Into Avernus Review: A Wild Ride Back To Hell

Let's Explore Hell Again


If you have played Dungeons & Dragons long enough, you know how often us players deal with chaos and violence. Well, with its newest adventure, Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus, Wizards of the Coast are giving us a fine taste of hell.


Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus is a 256 page campaign set in the first layer of nine hells, Avernus. It comprises of 13 well-curated levels which start with the buildup from Baldur's Gate all the way into Avernus where we are reintroduced with the fallen angel, Zariel who was last credited 5 years ago in The Rise of Tiamat.

The plot takes us to the aftermath of the Blood War between demons and devils. Zariel is now the archdevil of Avernus under Asmodeus, a powerful evil God. After the war, she has completely lost it and is trying to pull entire cities down to hell. She has successfully done so with the city of Elturel and her next target is Baldur's Gate. Baldur's Gate is flooded with refugees from Elturel and the citizens feel as if an evil is upon their city as well. To get deep into the issue, multiple mercenary companies have drafted agents for investigation.

Citizens of Baldur's Gate, the protagonists (players) are drafted into Flaming Fist mercenary company and are summoned to save Elturel in order to minimize refuge and save Baldur's Gate from Zariel's wrath. In order to do so, they must descend into Avernus and get into the core of the matter.

When it comes to gameplay, Descent Into Avernus is very over the top. The playthrough gives us a decent history on Baldur's Gate and the nine hells while dealing with devils and slaughtering demons is seen more often than not. The overall ambience of Avernus is quite exquisite with detailed ruins, fortresses, chasms, etc. We recommend trying a bard for this adventure thanks to the heavy emphasis on character interactions (mostly with devils) in the campaign.

Although for the most part, the campaign progression is handled quite well, the journey from Baldur's Gate to Avernus may feel a little stretched out. If your group  isn't one to experience the travel into the depths of hell, just skip to level 6 and start playing in hell straightaway. It is also worth noting that the campaign has over 5 possible endings both good and evil. This is quite unique to see in a campaign and would surely create some tension amongst players of a group as the final objective does not force you to beat the biggest antagonist and becomes heroes.

Descent Into Avernus can be purchased from your local stores as of now. Alternatively, you can buy it from Amazon for $29.99.

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