DnD Story – #1

By: Noah Kensok

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The party consisted of a dragonborn fighter, half-orc barbarian, a human bard, a human necromancer, and a human sorcerer. It’s worth mentioning at this point that the half-orc HATES magic. We were walking through an old temple, and somewhere along the way the party got separated. After some adventuring my group (dragonborn, half-orc, and one of the humans) wound up in a large chapel. The other group was up on a ledge in the same chapel, but it was dark so we couldn’t see them. The bard was one of the people on said ledge, and he cast magelight  (I think that’s what it’s called) so he could see. The half-orc notices and yells “MAGIC” as he enters a rage. He throws a javelin at the bard and rolls a nat 20. Not convinced his (friendly) target is dead, he throws a second javelin and rolls a second nat 20, nearly killing the bard. We had to take a break because everyone was laughing so hard.


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