DnD Story #103 – Greg Sheehan, jr. The Bard/Assassin

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Here is a story that involves the tiefling bard/assassin by the name of Greg Sheehan, jr. This is D&D 3.5. Our party was guarding a caravan to a city called Ironbark. We of course are ambushed by a group of orcs with crossbows with metal bolts. Greg (me) being inside the caravan sees a bolt tip stick into the caravan, so I turn invisible, and exit the caravan and pull the bolt out of the caravan. I then go behind one of the orcs and aim my own hand crossbow, loaded with the orc bolt, point blank range to the back of the head. Poetic justice, right? Well, I critically fail. So I end up shooting myself in the foot.


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