DnD Story #113 – Rough Date

What happens when you find love in the battlefield?

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So my cousins from abroad introduced me and my brothers to DND. We played over a dozen sessions during their two week stay at our place and somehow managed to finish our campaign. We had plenty of memorable moments but this is one of the best ones.

We were engaging an Ancient White Dragon in a cavern and while the party was attacking said dragon, my younger brother was off to the far side of the battlefield fighting against a fellow male dragonborn. For some odd reason, he wanted to seduce his foe. The DM made him roll and got a goddamn nat 20. For the rest of the fight, he was having this sweet chat with his supposed target while the rest finished the fight. Worse, when we were divvying up the loot, we found a golden ring which he used to propose to his newfound mate. When all was said and done, they settled at the castle we now owned and had a room for themselves.

Hey, at least they were still useful in fights.


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