DnD Story #114 – The Horny Monk

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I have just started a new campaign with some of my friends. My character was a Rock Gnome Monk with a very wild background, and his main drive in life was that he wanted to get laid. We ended up finishing our first encounter extremely fast, where our dragonich charater was almost killed by frogs. We finish up and head back to our tavern for recovery. We talk a little then i hear the mention of women and instantly get ready to leave. I end up trying to find the brothel and end up makong my way out of town. I run past a bunch of sogns all in dwarvish. I cant read my guy wants to get laid so i keep running. He eventually ends up in some tall grass which is only about 3 ft tall but to him thats tall. I now very tired and not seeing any site of a brothel decide to turn and head back to town. In doing so i hear rustling in the grass. My monk has the ability to play the recorder with a proficency bonus. I try and sooth what ever it is but fail and get a 7. Something flys out of the bushes at me but i dodge thay with a solid 19. That happens another time with the exact same magnitude. I turn back to try and play the recorder again and finally get somewhere get a nice 17. Out of the brush a woman like huntress appears. My dude is instantly turned on at the sight of a woman. He tries again to 


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