DnD Story #115 – Robbing a store. Dancing to get away

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I was DM for this campaign. The group had been traveling to find a baby white dragon deceptively named “white Dove”.  After hiking up mountains and crossing plains they were running low on supplies. they headed into the nearest town where they come across the “general store” owner who was the only goblin in town covered in gold and horded everything he purchased and sold everything for triple its price. after rolling a inteligence check The players became aware of his scam and the wiz of the party cast “sleep” knocking him unconcious. since it was a small town they decided the very charismatic bard should go wait outside while they rob the place of everyhing they can carry. whole outside the bard notices some customers who he trys yo pursude to go 30 miles to the next nearest store. After failing the roll he decideds yo do what he was born to do and started break dancing to create a distraction. he rolled a Nat20 and the customers were so impressed they started a dance circle and grabbed the full attention of everyone who was walking by to wath his funky dance moves. the other party members inside were running short on time and decided to storm outside with thier hands full of loot. They leave the bard and come back after stashing the loot at the base of a tree outside of town to find the bard is somewhat famous for his amazing dance skills and is signing autographs. *skip 5 in- game days* the group comes back to the town pnly to be arrested since the local police now have his name and the group he as traveling with. 


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