DnD Story #117 – Forbidden Love

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So me a changeling sorcerer sits in the park in a collosal city. As the security guard suddenly assaults me for drowning a woman in the river. The elf I were drowning looks up and is proven to be an aquatic elf that needed to breathe under water to survive.

Anyway its all sorted up and I head to school to do my job as a teacher. When we get attacked by a bandit gang and being a sorcerer so yeah I am not much of a warrior but as I am held captive by the leader so why not try and get him out of it and what does the die say? 20,20,20 so yeah he is insta dead.

Getting hyped up over this I throw a rope to the other side and manages to climb over even when getting 2 knives and 4 arrows against me. I attack the robbers with my handy dagger and kills or incapacitates half of the remaining ones before taking an arrow to the stomach which I counter by a second 20×3 roll. The remaining ones to scared to do anything runs away. And that is the story of how a level 1 sorcerer bested 5 level 3 bandits and one level 5.

Later on he were dumped in a room surrounded by friends and foes alike when they got attacked from all angles when the proud changeling were gonna save their lives and started to dance. Using some feats and bam dealt 60 damage to all opponents around them. That was really great except that hmm. I killed one other teacher, 4 of my students, all the mercenaries we had hired (2 were PCs) and some people that they held captured. Lesson from all of this. Read your spell more carefully what it attacks.

Luckily there were one demon there that just seemed immune but he got kinda scared and offered to serve me so well I at least have one ally that can survive that attack. 


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