DnD Story #12

By: Austin Drago


A buddy and I took a road trip about a year ago to go see some friends from my first D&D group I learned to play with about 10 years ago.  This group was not only full of very experienced and creative players, but everyone in the group is a power gamer in their own way.  We had a penchant for consistently playing God games, forging epic adventures outside of the realms of simple, mortal adventurers and sating our need for powerful characters. During this trip, we ran a one-off God game using 3.5, rolling 30th level characters (no prestige classes).  I rolled a Barb/Druid/Ranger, who spent his time mostly as a nomad, making his livelihood by selling handmade trinkets using natural materials in his travels with his Dire Bear companion.  For shits and giggles, I thought it would be amusing to just never have spent the 2 skill points needed to make my character literate, making an epic level, and illiterate, character. So the time comes to finally take our domains as Gods, and the DM has us roll for them.  In a stroke of luck, I nailed it.  I was now the God of Knowledge, and completely illiterate.  The domain came with an epic, magic library full of all written knowledge on the shelves.  When I entered the library, I was assaulted by a handful of books and was unable to control or look inside any of them.  The library was literally defending itself from my character’s illiteracy, even though I was the new God of Knowledge, and therefore the new steward of this library. When we left off, chaos and panic had begun to ensue in the realm as my illiteracy and newfound powers shaped the domain of knowledge, causing a slow transformation of all written language into magical moving pictures or other symbols that didn’t require being able to read.


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