DnD Story #120 – A Thorough Investigation

"You would like to touch WHAT?!"

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(Spoilers for Curse of Strahd Below)

So, I’m DMing a game of CoS, and my party finally makes it to Barovia. They’re spooked and wandering through this ghost town, wondering where the hell they ended up.

“You notice a pair of children crying in the middle of the street.”

The group approaches and questions them. They claim to be resident’s of a nearby house, and there is a big bad monster in the basement that is scaring them. (In reality, its the evil house casting an illusion of these small children to lure them into the house. The children are actually inside the house, and are ghosts.)

Now, one party member, a halfing Rogue charlatan (who has a history of sexual encounters) speaks up and says: “Okay! I’ve heard what I needed, I’m going to pat the little boy on the shoulder and say ‘Don’t worry, we’ll handle this big bad monster,’ and head towards the house.”

“Okay, you say that, and reach out your hand… and it passes right through him, catching air.”



“…I would like to touch the little boy.”

Queue weeks worth of child-predator accusations and child touching jokes for the remainder of the campaign.


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