DnD Story #124 – Ravenloft zapped

We learned what happens when you cast lightning inside...


I was relatively new to D&D, playing in a small group with just one other player and the DM.  DM decided to send us through the original Ravenloft campaign, which is pretty deadly to PCs.  Each player had two characters.  He had a mage and a fighter, I had a mage and a cleric.  In trying to keep us alive, the DM gifted our mages with the Ring of Wizardry that boosts our low level spells.

The poor DM kept having the worst luck.  First, he decided that my cleric had a 1% chance of contacting her deity, and I nailed it.  So my cleric, being extra devout, never lost her connection to her goddess.  Healing and turning undead actually worked for me, which isn’t supposed to happen in Ravenloft since it is an alternate dimension of its own.

Then early in the adventure, we ran into Azalin the lich inside a crypt.  According to the storyline, he was just supposed to taunt us and vanish.  The other player decided to cast lightning and I followed suit.  We learned what happens when you cast lightning inside, ricochet everywhere.  So the DM and players start our saving throws.  Azalin’s staff of thunder critical failed and exploded, taking Azalin’s physical form with it due to his failed saving throw.  All the PCs make their saving throws without any problems.  Then the DM rolls for the players’ equipment, and all of it makes its saving throw.  He was awfully annoyed about that.  He SHOULD have realized that he could still have Azalin come after us later since we didn’t destroy the phylactery, but he was so rattled that he forgot about that.

So without Azalin’s backup, we managed to take care of Strahd without too many problems and all of our characters survived and beat Ravenloft.  That is still one of my favorite game sessions ever.  My dice were never quite that nice to me again, but they never let me down badly.



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