DnD Story #126 – lunK the landboat Ha Ho

My very first pathfinder game

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I remember my very first pathfinder game. I played a 8'7 280lbs very mentally challenged orc named lunK. His main flaw was he LOVED shiny things he would have to run up boop the shiny object and then sit down. (Made it very hazardous around kings) He was the sweetest thing if you know you were not tasty my group got very scared of lunK when I rolled a nat 20 to boot open 80ft stone doors. (They were pull doors) they in turn broke off and crushed the floor. Now that was level 1 at level 8 the dm wanted to tpk with 2 level 20s but lunK didn't want that and killed both without a scratch cause my dice love me and hate the dm but sadly the campaign was scrapped and the legacy of lunK the landboat Ha Ho will forever be idolized with his rainbow mohawk. I will forever love pathfinder and continue to make beautifully broken characters


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