DnD Story #127 – My first ever campaign would like an opinion

Full metal alchemist

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So basically this is my first ever D&D campaign.   I wanted to do a Full Metal Alchemist style of game.  What I mean is still be in the D&D world with all the creatures and classes from D&D 5e, but instead of your typical Magic you have to use alchemy like from the show.  So you have to draw transmutation circles and circles and homunculus and the Philosopher's Stone

So basically what I'm wondering is if that concept sounds like fun to people who have played DND before I've only played a couple games cuz I know ultimately it's all down to the players and whether or not they're having fun I would just like some opinions on the idea 


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  1. This is the wrong section for the question. If you’re really into it, just play one of the many FMA settings (there’s a FMA with d20, too).

  2. I think you should search for some decent seeming ruleset for 5e, then integrate it. I have done this, though generally D&D and anime don’t really mix well. but just go for, worst case scenario you cancel and start a new campaign!

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