DnD Story #13

By: William Michael Caldwell


So, our whole group is military via service or spouse. The original DM had to step away from the table for undisclosed reasons. Leaving our friend Nick (who’s middle name is legally Tiamat) to step up and try his hand at DM for the first time ever. At this point, I had never played. Well after the first couple of weeks with a steady rhythm building in this new/continued campaign we take a two-week break for the holidays. Nick used this time wisely to plan every detail of a battle. We were to sail to an island where an orc stronghold was building a massive army. Our mission was to get in and cut the head off the snake taking out the leader. He thought of everything, predicting what our moves could be around every corner in preparation for the next game.

Here’s where it gets interesting. We recently added a new member to the crew. A drunken monk with a magic gourd that could pour any liquid he desired. So I convinced the group to pool our money together and buy a second ship filled with empty barrels and flasks and jars. We then filled every container with nitroglycerin. . . . . . . Let it sink in. We put some old ready to die sailors behind the mast and sent that bad boy straight into orcs dock wiping out their invading fleet, the docks and part of the fort. Turned them from an invading army to a troublesome gang in seconds. Nick almost quit. Instead, we took another two-week break. Lol


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