DnD Story #131

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Hello my time to throw in a DND story that broke our GM

5e in a homebrew world.

The adventure started by the 4 of us all returning to our caravans camp site after it was ambushed. Colossal’s and wargs. My character was still currently at the camp site but unconscious and when she awoke was unaware of who she was, what she was or even where she was. We dispatch the enemies quickly and efficiently.

Skip forward a few sessions and my character has sorta regained some of her memories and knew a bit more about herself.

We were in a place called Hardharbour and are ambushed by a Black Ork. Stands no chance as I decapitate him and kick the head across the ground. As a victory toast she lights up a mushroom of unknown origin and accidentally opens a Gateway to the Elemental plain of Air. Being the headstrong character she is, jumps through the gate without a second thought.

Gate opened up 50ft in the air. Falls fast to the ground and take a fair bit of damage but lives. After exploring the great plain the party finds a way out in the form of a waygate. Non hesitate and jump through.

When we all land safely in the other side we end up in a place that we had been travelling to.

Now this is where things went so wrong that we broke our GM.

When at the place we meet a new person (who was a new pc being added to the game) she wants us to help her break a pseudo dragon out as it was being held prisoner. We do so by having our warlock activate another waygate back to Hardharbor. As we are doing so me and the Cleric turn to face the order that is entrusted with protecting the location. I see the armour the order is wearing and turns out to be my order but more specifically. I see amongst the 5 who responded to the attack that my sister was there. I yell for her to come with me. She does and me and the cleric hold off the others while everyone gets through the portal. We all make it through as well as my sister.

Sappy moment me and sister reunite and I gain more of my memories back.


The Pseudo Dragon gives us a Deck of Many things. I guess the GM’s intentions were that we would draw one every few sessions. NOPE! We draw the entire deck in 2 hours while stood in the same spot.

To summarise. I lost 5 intelligence, gain back 2, became very persuasive, gain 800 acres of land, 100,000+ plat.

But the negative side was, my closest friend became broke, someone is being chased by an avatar of death, another a demon, my sister got her soul removed from her body and technically died, another pc got transported into a cell somewhere across the world, someone got 2 wishes and I got a new sword. Our GM sat there quiet and unmoving for at least 30 minutes.

Oh and I stole a Cockatoo.


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