DnD Story #133

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Hi, so mines not really a small quest story I just wanted to share how interesting our epic campaign is turning out. So I play a Wood Elf Duskblade. My party consists of a Druid with Dire wolf companion, a Catfolk Cleric and several NPCs played by DM. So my character has a pretty solid backstory. Orphaned young, wealthy parents were murdered by a Baron who wanted to isolate my character to wed her for her wealth so she ran away that’s how I met the group. But fast forward about six months into the journey and the Druid and my Duskblade are becoming fast friends. We made a mistake and had to do a side quest as punishment. True to our characters we mess that up as well and find ourselves parents to two orphaned children. Both of us are female so we took one child each. I get the stubborn 15 year old she gets a 5-6 year old. Later down the road when we find somewhere to put them to protect them until we return we come across my other character the Cleric. (Male,19) We help him with his quest and on the way come across a man that’s drawn to my character. After 1-2 days of knowing this man, he proposes to my Duskblade. I roll the dice on high/low yes/no. She says yes. Not five mins after she says yes we are stormed by enemies. And sure enough with her past rash decisions he turns into a huge dragon and goes and fights the enemies. Gather the kods up and travel to her new home. So now she’s married to a huge dragon, thank goodness he’s a good one. With like nine kids all grown up except 2. A 9 year old green little girl who now loves her new mother. And a goth 13ish year old who’s not sure if she likes me or not. It’s been a lot of role play to learn to be a household leader and mother while balancing the quests. But it’s rewarding. We had a little sleepover all the girls in our group. About 4 adults and my 9 and 15 year old with the 5 year old as well. My Cleric grew curious as to where we all were, he’s young so naturally curious about everything and he stumbled across our party and was sucked in. He got a hair make over. The kids love to play with his mane. He just sat and took it like a man lol. Our party is pretty empathetic and willing to do a lot of things for our kids and families.
So now everyone we go on a quest we end up bringing someone home with us which I’m suprised her husband hasn’t said anything about it. All in all about 9 people. So we said no more people. I’m waiting for the DM to try to play on us to take another. But right now we are in the FeyWilds. Which is another story in itself considering that one hour in the FeyWilds is a year in the game.
I hope those that took the time to read this enjoyed it. I’ve never had as much fun as I have playing DnD.


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