DnD Story #139 – Angry gnome

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So my party consists of a paladin dragonborn, half-orc barbarian, human rogue, tiefling warlock, gnome wizard, and me, a gnome druid. Her name's Lilli, and she is a coward and super just wants to run away from everything. Our party gets attacked by 2 basilisk and so she just bolts to 60 feet from the thing so she can actually look at it. And the our paladin is just getting chomped on since his AC is 19 and the thing was just not doing literally any damage to him at all. Meanwhile, he keeps missing his attacks, and I'm just slamming my fire sphere into it and doing minimal damage.

 Anyway we manage to kill both, get some shit, and head on our way. She's feeling pretty pleased cause she got herself a magic staff, even if it /does/ just make bird noises. It's magic and she's happy. So we rest in the forest, Lilli has first watch. She is just NOT doing her job, distracted, humming.

Thankfully the people who ambush us ALSO aren't doing well (nat 1 on stealth for like 3 of them XD) and alert her. She jumps up (stupid her), and immediately wakes up the two people sitting closest to her, which were the paladin and wizard. As she's doing that, arrows go flying… like, 6? And only one hits somehow. Still, she took an arrow to the side. Now she's angry XD Thankfully they dash and get up nice and close. Just in time for me to smack one REALLY hard with my new staff after setting it on fire, and killing him. And then the pal knocks out the other one.

Afterwards, she's still super angry, turns around to the other two attacking her barely-awake buddies, and continues to wail on them with her staff.  XD Doesn't kill anyone else, but does decent enough damage. After helping take down 2 more attackers, she's probably a bit too cocky, and gets cut up by one of the other attackers. Which makes her even angrier.

 Paladin is angry that these guys are attacking what he likes to call his squishies (basically everyone except him and our barb LoL). Kills the one attacking me, and then we help kill the last archer. We manage to catch, interrogate (and get no useful information), and kill one other guy. And Lilli is now just feeling awful proud of herself, even though she's now all cut up and has an arrow sticking out of her. She's not going to shut up about this for a while.

Our barb is now talking to her about making a necklace out of the arrow, and now she wants to add on the manticore tooth she harvested as well. LoL She's trying to be way more badass than she really is.


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