DnD Story #14

By: Joseph Pendleton


My wife and I had a few coworkers who played and we set up an easy campaign to play through in about 7 sessions. Most of us were new but the brother of the homeowner had been DMing for years. The first spot we come too is a tavern where someone had been laying low with information about a goblin horde the was settled in an old cavern and poyltching passer-bys in the forest. We hear the rumour and head upstairs to the guy’s room. A wood elf, a human, a bard, and me, the hobbit. So were at the door and immediately our Bard decides to kick down the door. The DM nicely pointed out that as we approached the door we could hear voices from inside.. “Nah just kick it in!” says our Bard. So we do that, he launches the door off its hinges and kills the man inside who was conferencing with an evil wizard based on the spellbooks and other things in the room. We loot his things and find a small map of the forest with an X and decide to pursue the next day. Long story short we get to the caverns which are blocked by a large door were more voices could be heard.. And again we kick in the door. This time it was fine, a few goblins to kill and we kept exploring. We finally get to the lair of the goblins and can hear frantic sounds behind the door. The DM explains that they may be in the middle of a ritual of eating dinner. The main point is it sounds like a lot of goblins.. So naturally our Bard decides to kick the door once again, succeeds and runs into the room to find about 14 goblin troops, 2 larger enemies I cant remember and the Goblin leader. Who wields a massive great mace. Our Bard being the first one inside takes immediate damage but pushes further into the room, a few of us enter and start taking out goblins but our bard is out for his own death at this point. He takes a few more hits as we clear the room until its just him and rue goblin┬áleader. He sees a cliff and rolls to jump kick the goblin leader over the edge, rolls a 20.. No more Goblin leader. We essentially kicked our way through the entire game, every door, every time.. Our DM basically gave up on all the sneaky stuff he had added thinking we would play seriously.


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