DnD Story #140 – The Useless Monk

The monk bites off more than he can chew, and gets shown up by the ranger.

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We were playing a pathfinder campaign with a bit of homebrew. Our party consisted of a human rogue (me), a human monk, a dwarf ranger, and a human alchemist. I forget our mission, but we went into a tavern to ask around. When we walk in, theres a man kicking everyones butt at gambling. We end up finding out he's the demigod of gambling anf he offers us a wager. He bet a lot of gold that our best fighter could not best him in a bout of fisticuffs. We of course think that the monk would be best because that's what hes best at. 

He barely scratched thus guy before getting nocked out. 

Meanwhile, the ranger had been drinking. Heavily. Mostly what we called "purple drank" (a cocktail of every single beverage in the bar mixed in a bucket). And he was high because the alchemist needed a guinea pig for the drugs he wanted to make for some extra money on the side (this was a VERY weird group). 

After the monk had been beaten, this little dwarf strolled (stumbled) up to Mr. Gambling and challenged him. The demigod laughed and said "No, you're fighting my brother." 

The biggest man wed ever seeb then walked up, and turns out, he's the demigod of barfighting. 

The dwarf doesn't heasitate and charges in. The demigod aomehow lost brutally to a dwarf ranger who had barely any points in strength. I think he finished off the guy by running up his arm and booting him in the head.

We lost the original bet, but it was worth it.


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