DnD Story #141

By: Thomas Rottem

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So I was DMing for the first time not too long ago for a lvl 1 party, there was a palidin, who is 15, wizard, who is 12, and rouge, who is 15 (ages IRL). I have a basic adventure set up that I found with a pretty simple story, kobolds have been attacking the town, please help us. Well to start the adventure the party is thrust into an encounter, an ambush of kobolds but the palidin at the head of the marching order notices one of them, he manages to recognise its race and he o so luckily knows their language. He decides to sing to it, but with a low charisma but a big roll he manages to sing it an old draconic lullaby/song from its childhood and it is filed with feelings of nostalgia, but sadly begins the attack. After the battle this same kobold attempts to escape from the encounter, but is stopped, knocked unconscious and koboldnapped by the same palidin that sung it nostalgic songs from childhood, but is now half dead and covered head to toe in  the kobolds friends blood, due to the fast paced murder of all his friends. Fast forward to when they arrive at the town, befriend the lord, take a tour of the town and have the kobold taken into ‘custody’ they decide to try to get information on why the kobolds are attacking the town and surrounding areas, they first attempt to try and convince the kobold that they are with its leader, which at first works but then backfired because this kobold was quite perspective for being on the verge of concussion, tied to a chair, which is tied to a post in the centre of a dimly lit ‘holding room/cell’ with unusually looking and rusted tools on a table next to another table which looks to be good for tying people down. This leads to them torturing the kobold by way of kicking the 2 legs off of the head part of the strapping table, tying him down, putting a cloth on his face and slowly letting a bucket of water run it’s way down from its crotch, up its torso onto the cloth and onto its face. essentially waterboarding it, but sadly this kobold was strong willed and managed to last 3 hours, so he finally spits up the information about his boss, but not after soiling and wetting itself multiple times. So with that information they head to the tavern, have their dinner and get a good nights sleep. Pretty good first experience as a DM, I can’t wait to do it again


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