DnD Story #144

By: Colt Tristan Airey

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  1. So this is the first encounter for the campaign with a paladin, a cleric, a bard, and a rogue (me). We had found a goblin camp while traveling so we attacked them and lost, the paladin almost dying because we kept rolling poorly and the DM is supernaturally good at rolling dice. So we retreat and rest for the night to attack them again but from behind. There was a cave at the back of the camp so we searched for another entrance to the cave and found one with 2 goblins guarding it. After killing them and then the 5 in the first chamber I climb up this incline into what was later to be revealed as the storeroom for the goblins and also where the boss gobin was. After rolling a nat 20 for stealth to hammer a piton into the solid stone floor and tie my rope to it for my partie to climb, my party wonders off into the next chamber and is immediately spotted and the the alarm is raised. All but one goblin and a dog leave the chamber to fight my party. I try to attack but the hound tackles me and we both go down the incline. After narrowly killing all the goblins my party kills the dog and then the goblin at the top of the incline throws a molotov cocktail down the incline at us and misses. But he burned my rope. This infuriated my character who was very protective of his things so i have the paladin throw me up the incline so that i stab the goblin in the gut, twist the knife and slice him open so that i can grab his intestines and strangle hime to death which took a long time because he was the boss and the dm wanted him strong enough to fight the whole party alone. So long story short i solo'd a boss because he burned my rope.


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