DnD Story #146

By: Jaziel Siles

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ok, so here is one of my stories, sorry for the bad ortographi this is not my natural language, so im a 3rd edition Elf Ranger, i was 16 years at that time, i had read all lord of the rings and a lot of dragonlance by that time, so my elf was kinda dick, very racist and very edonism, his 16 cha was only for him to look good, but he was a hell of a good ranger, the sesion was pretty advanced since we had playing that every saturday witout fail for 1 and a half year i dunno why but at that time i had a lot of 20 every reunion with diferent dice´s because everyone taught that i cheat with mine, but we were having a very hard time with a dracolich, after we finally beat him, only the fighter and i were on our feet, we never like each other, mostly for my racism towar half elfs (he was one), but in combat we always work together, after the battle was over a priest appears, he tought it was a enemy (he was always a easy triger) so he tried to attack him, but a 1 appear, and after check for fumble another 1 appear, and after the doble check a 3 appear, so it was a doble confirmed fumble, i was at his side talking how we are gonna help the other ones because my healing spells were off, so back to the fumbles, his axe tries to hit the cleric, but he stood on dracolich shit (dunno how that appear but it was for the funny fumble) he sliped and hit me in the face with the axe, i was gonna die for that hit since i was in like 5 hp and the damage was over 30, so the dm ask me if i want to live but only by a price, i accepted, so elona intersed in my aid, i was alive, but it left a scar my cha went down to 14, elona was teching me a lesson for my racism and hedonism, so after that my elf was less asshole with the other guys…


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