DnD Story #147 – AA everything slayer

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Relatively new player. Second or third campaign. Started a noble drow ranger along with a misc party (bard, witch, fighter, assassin, cleric, summoner) and campaign progresses becoming essentially angels vs demons. Several enchanted objects appear and i end up with a bow that has 4 elemental enchants on it. At 6th level become an arcane archer because of noble drow racial giving knowledge of an arcane spell (technically meets the req) with other traits and abilities I'm firing 4 arrows per round full attack action. (4d10 and 16d6 per round) by this point the dm is getting bored and wants us all dead – insert 10 headed hydra against l7s – luckily,  party gets high initiatives so we all get to move. Hydra gets hurt, about 75% remaining. 10 breath attacks inc. Because of high magical resilience I'm the only one who survived. Full attack action because why not. End up getting two confirmed crits and roll very high damage on all dice. Hydra collapses in a pin cushioned heap leaving a bloodied mostly dead noble drow arcane archer limping out of a dungeon with a necklace made of its teeth. 


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