DnD Story #150 – That’s no ordinary rabbit..

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So long story short, I have a campaign on Saturdays with long time friends. While making trophies from recent battles, the barbarian accidentally made demonic napalm boiling demon flesh. The Bard takes 2 vials of it for possible future uses in battle.

Much later the Bard being a bored asshole, throws it at a rabbit just outside of town. The poor critter is then lit ablaze and sets the field its running in on fire. 

The damage I roll for the fire keeps the rabbit alivex so I'm going to teach the bard a lesson on being a dick to animals. Rabbit gets a natural 20 on a grapple on the bard pleading for help. Bard fails all checks and dies in a field on fire with a rabbit seared to his face, and then proceeds to explode from the second vial.

Everyone including the bard erupting with laughter at this point,  has to take 5 to compose ourselves again.


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